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Onza Fly Guy Forks


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need some 24" forks and a mate ofered me some of these for naff all, anyone know if there steel or ally? cheers

EDIT************** been told there steel chromo, doh! best look for sum lighter ones . cheers

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ok sweet ive just said il take them, brand new 20 quids. happy days

Theyre very light forks, not particularly strong though. I believe earlier ones with a bonded steerer were weaker, have a look see up through the crown and you should see if its welded or bonded. I had some (bonded) ones and never had any strength problems with them, never did anything to front though, main problem I had with them was the dropouts couldnt hold the wheel in with a disk, no matter what I tried the wheel would pull out of square as soon as the brake was applied hard :(

As youre still learning they should be fine for a while :)

Mine on the old boa, last seen on danny kearns bike! :D :D :D :D


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there standard zoot forks, i bought the frame off the guy and he wanted to keep forks but they didnt fit hes new frame or wheel lol, im running rim brakes dude hs33. there welded type as far as im aware. il find out when they get here lol. always stuff to learn matey but im getting much better now cant hold on the rear at all lol but can do pedal hops 4/5 foot gaps etc. i love it now i got a sorted bike really love the simtra stem and bars made ALL the diference. hope you well matey.

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