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  1. Fingers crossed, I think in this day and age the possibility for the sellers of completing chain free and quickly can have a massive impact on things. Hopefully it's enough of an incentive
  2. You're doing it wrong, find an old oil burner gixxer motor and hammer that in there
  3. 2.4ghz is slower but longer range, turning off the 5ghz won't increase the speed. We have an odd dead spot in the lads room (his pc is hardwired but his phone struggles in one place) which I think is related to the central heating pipes in the floor by his door, when speed testing on my phone, outside his door I would get 140mbit, inside his room it would drop to 25mbit; switching him over to the 2.4 from the 5 improved things because the connection was more stable. See if you can set up the router to give two SSIDs out, one for each band and then force her to use the 2.4ghz. Failing that a powerline adaptor will likely help as it uses your household wiring to put an AP into the room she's in. Essentially, Wifi is shit
  4. Putting this here for lack of a better place to put it, how on earth has a 23 month old stacked that many blocks on a unstable, non level surface. Might point out that he placed the blocks with both hands independently
  5. Why can't we like posts twice? Awesome news
  6. Sensible people get into pc gaming, that way you can laud it over the console players because your machine is more powerful and upgradable and customisable and games are cheap and peripherals are better and vr is better and you can even use it for word and excel! edit: I've managed to resist the last two steam sales some how, think I'm mentally offsetting paying full price for cyberpunk2077, not that I regret doing so because it's rather awesome (118 hours played, currently working through my second playthrough - a pure melee stealth build), but because the tightfist in me is saying that I shouldn't fritter money away on games that I don't have the time to play immediately and will be on sale again soon enough
  7. Nope, just bought it 19 years ago Got fed up of renting after 6 months of starting my job so went and bought a house instead, made full use of the hsbc graduate mortgage and rather pleased I did.
  8. Mortgage meeting today, got 15k fixed rate for 5 years @1.69% then variable or rejig. Taken it over 30 years to keep costs low to start with, by the time the fixed rate is up then we'll have almost 300 quid of cash spare (currently tied up in other debts) which can be hammered into this new one. Not going to miss 50 quid a month and we're getting a half hour floor plan extension, new windows and some rewiring work if needed. Paid 62k for the house, local market value of 161k, adding the extension will only put that up
  9. I'm the same (except older), mrs wife knows that if I actually want something and it's of any reasonable value then I'll just go and buy it myself. Part of being an adult or something I think?
  10. Keep the old one as well, as long as the hardware hasn't actually failed then throwing an ssd in for 30 quid with a fresh install will make a massive difference
  11. Something like that will be just fine
  12. I picked up a Lenovo g50 for use on a long running site on the isle of man about 5 years ago, i3, 4gb ram and an ssd. Cost about 300 quid on offer and had been great, the ssd really makes a difference. Last week I put a new screen in it as the other one had been cracked, also upgraded the ram to 8gb as windows 10 really is a bit rubbish with 4. It's still going strong and for basic office use it's great.
  13. Added you on bookface, I upload the photos to an album on there
  14. To quote Monty Python.
  15. Congrats again, so are you taking your own wedding photos?