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  1. If you put a taper on there then you may need a self extracting crank bolt on the end of the axle to draw the hub off, shouldn't be too much hassle to achieve
  2. Use an 8mm back plate, box section the same size as existing and put a spreader / backing plate on the other side to stop the tube crushing. Rotabroach through in situ and jobs a good un.
  3. Easy enough to do, I would go with the layout of the upper photo above, utilising the vertical members to make attachment easier. Make four gallows brackets the same size, the two inner ones will be inverted and in tension, the two outer ones will be in compression. Some sort of tube clamp can then be used to hold your 1" gas pipe on, at a pinch it could probably be lashed on with some decent rope. Depending on how big the existing steelwork is you may be able to use either keeklamps or lindapters (or similar) to clamp the gallows bracket, ideally bolting through or welding would be better but you might be limited to what tooling you can get there.
  4. 1. Business plan. 2. Bank loan. 3. Get premises. 4. Fix hondars. 5.???? 6. Profit. 7. Rinse. 8. Repeat.
  5. Plates are thicker I believe, certainly I've heard of plenty of people preferring less gears for a more reliable chain. Edit : 9 speed is 6.7mm wide, 12 speed is 5.25mm, that's 22% wider. Roller width is the same but the links need to be narrower to fit the cassette spacing.
  6. Still on 9 speed 32 by 34-11, does fine for all of the riding I do. Much stronger chain as well. Next time I replace drivetrain I'll probably up the chainring to 36ish and cassette up to 42 or so, give a little more at both ends of the range
  7. Couldn't tell you, I have a hope titanium square taper and RS7s
  8. Why not have a look at what cannondale have done with their latest iteration of lefty? The caliper is mounted on a sub-bracket that has a quick release on it, undo QR, caliper falls off and is relocated on pegs.
  9. Alter rock?
  10. Not to mention a cylinder, head and carburettor I wonder how different it is riding with a clutch on an electric motor compared to internal combustion?
  11. £4700? You're only a few hundred quid off a hope hb160!
  12. This is mental....
  13. Tensioner? What's that all about then?
  14. Had another play and got it to 3x, spokes are now 190 and 188 but will obviously give a stiffer wheel Reckon I'll get away with this level of spoke/flange interface at the hub? Obviously I will be prebending the outside spokes inwards as I lace it.