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  1. I cut holes in the van!
  2. Bialetti espresso maker and a porlex mini coffee grinder (for use in the campervan next year), I expect I'll find something else as well
  3. Tig is silent, there'll be no complaints
  4. Hope make boost end caps and rotor spacers for their hubs, it's all a farce anyways, I've used 110mm wide front axle for almost a decade now.
  5. That's a shame, I guess they're not doing it because it doesn't align with their concept of correct engineering which is a fair shout. I'll give you a tenner for the king hubs?
  6. Awesome work dannn38826639479 4-2-1 or 4-2-2?
  7. Almost certain that king will do boost compatible end caps and disk spacer rings, hope definitely do. I'm still on 26", 110x20 front, 135x9 qr rear, screw new standards
  8. I've done this to my intense 5.5. Stock HA is 70° with 130mm forks, stuck some 160 xfusion vengeance (which are long axle to crown anyways) and offset bushings in the rear shock and the HA is now down to 65° or there abouts. The BB is still monstrously high becase of the fork increase and the fame is still silly short (330mm reach I think ) but I don't get any pedal strikes, I've never felt unstable on it and quite happily plough through the moderate stuff I've played on. It's tiny, short and high and I dare say that compared to a modern sled is very unstable and flighty but I'm used to it and we get along fine
  9. See I'm not as stupid as I look
  10. Nope, been using it for close to 30 years though, I used it to strip the engine on my 1936 Norton, I was 11 and it had sat in a barn for 25 years. Every single bolt came free. My mate was rebuilding the suspension on his mk4 prelude and couldn't shift anything under there, gave him my tin and he had it all off in a day.
  11. Plusgas, soak it over a number of days, hammer an undersized 12 point socket on and go careful. Ideally you want the socket to engage with decent steel not soft rust, failing that file a new hex head on and use a six point. edit: or just wang a good pair of molegrips on there after soaking it in plusgas. Trust the plusgas though, I've seen it take out bolts that would otherwise have sheared off as soon as torque was applied.
  12. My dad passed away from a pulmonary embolison on 21st October, he had been suffering the downwards spiral of Alzheimer's for that last 10 years and had been in a care home for the last 4 months of his life. His short term memory was shot to hell but he still had his faculties and the old him would still surface regularly. To go out instantly, with no pain or knowledge of it was absolutley the best possible outcome he could have had It was his funeral yesterday and I learnt some pretty awesome stuff about him: - He met my mum whilst racing his Vincent, he had put an advert out in the Vincent owners club for a race mechanic and my uncle Richard volunteered (he worked in aerospace and built parts of the hubble telescope). My mum obviously tagged along with her older brother and one thing led to another When he 12 he was a chorister growing up in south london, he was on the roster to sing in westminster abbey at the Queen's coronation in 1953 but got struck down with chickenpox the day before! My mum has his attendance certificate (although he wasn't there) and his original annotated musical score book. His maternal grandfather was one E H (Teddy) Parker who captained the Camp Hill rugby team for 17 seasons straight and scored their first ever try as a club aged 17. The annual Aston Old Eds vs Camp Hill derby is called the Teddy Parker Cup in his name
  13. A gas lense gives better laminar flow of the gas to give a more stable shield at lower flow rates. Can't quite tell if that's a mesh screen or a lense element. Google it edit:
  14. Cup or gas lense?
  15. Half a Mars bar and a handful of ginger Labrador fluff?