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  1. It's likely binding on the spacer tube between the two bearings, take the wheel out and give the axle a light tap on one end, that might be enough to remove the axial preload on the ball races.
  2. Persephone is four today, when did that happen! We bought her a purple ukulele
  3. With shipping from Australia
  4. Farkin hell they saw you coming with the steel didn't they? Won't the smaller hipsters escape through the holes in the mesh?
  5. Don't you dare drive down to Lichfield to steal him for your collection!
  6. 5 days old, put on 3 oz, now 10lb 12oz, babies are supposed to lose birth weight aren't they? We settled on Aneurin Fox for the name, took about 40 seconds of deliberation, if only brexshit was so easy! edit: named in part after Nye Bevan
  7. It's me that gets to put them through the washing machine though!
  8. Cloth nappies you say? How does that work?
  9. Well he kept us waiting an extra 8 days, no name yet but born at home with an hours labour, 10lb 9oz everyone doing excellently
  10. Do you require such a storage solution for your collection of hipsters? How many do you have? Asking for a friend
  11. You young whippersnapper you! Forty in 2 months, when did that happen?
  12. Mike is telling fibs, he's a demon up hills!
  13. Nope, wasn't last night Well she's a seasoned pro, this is only my second time but if it goes anything like the first time then it will be awesome; Watch this space!
  14. T minus three days, might be tonight, she's feeling niggly
  15. @MadManMike is your man I suspect, be carefull though he might try to ply you with rum, hot peppers or perhaps a new haircut