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  1. 7 3/4 hour round trip and we have a cargo bike Needs a new rear tube putting in, cables lubing, front brakes balancing and a couple of patches of missing paint I want to touch up but it's all good. Persephone is going to love it, unfortunately mrs wife has banned me from mounting catapults, bows and arrows, axle knives and a klaxon to it!
  2. I personally wouldn't have put too much value on them, they're non adjustable and the steel stanchions so would guess they're either a base level oem trail fork or DJ. Cleaned up and serviced I would say 50-75 off the top of my head, knowing which model they are might help. Fwiw I paid 80 for my 44 rc3ti, 110 for my 44 tst micro and 180 for my x fusion vengeance hlr. All straight steerer and the x fusion are the best of the lot and in many ways equivalent to most modern forks.
  3. Having had the ppi monies in the bank for a few weeks now we've been on the hunt for a cargo bike. Found a babboe curve in Hammersmith for 1100 quid which I'm collecting tomorrow evening! Unfortunately it's wider than both the front door and rear gate so it's going to have to live out in the front garden. Spent this afternoon clearing and levelling an 8'x6' area and casting a ground anchor into concrete to tie it down. Going to get it slabbed in the next few weeks but will do for now. Rather randomly, a stray spur thigh tortoise wandered up the garden path. No idea whose it is and no one has come looking so far, going to see if it's chipped at the vets and keep hold for the mean time So the family total bike count is now going to be eleven
  4. The forks are flexing, pedal with less force or reinforce the forks
  5. You're my hero, forget that jenny bird, marry me? [swoon]
  6. I prefer my method to hailing our resident paint spraying expert better!
  7. To the Boothcave™!
  8. It's not difficult, just time and practise oh and gas
  9. Have you played with a tig set yet? Compared to mig it's like meditating whilst doing yoga, so relaxing
  10. Unlikely, the big one for me was the mortgage, the f**kers had sold it as part of the life insurance. If you've had a credit card it might be worth the ask
  11. So I finally got off my arse and submitted some ppi forms, 5k back into my bank with 1 more to come in Time to by the wife a cargo trike
  12. So hanging around the dockyards at night has proved fruitful again?
  13. You're*
  14. Got up at 5:30 Wednesday for the drive to Cambridge, arrived at 9. Tested solidworks, went for a curry and beers till 1:30, up at 7 this morning, tested through till 5, talked to a man about cargo bikes for an hour and drove home for 9. I'm shattered but it's been an awesome time, looking forward to going back next year if they'll have me
  15. Tommorrow morning I set off earlyish doors to drive to the dassault systemes uk hq in Cambridge as I've been invited to beta test solidworks 2019. One to one discussions with the devs with the chance to make suggestions, bug hunt, talk to people and play with pre-release software Being put up in a hotel overnight, taken out for dinner on the evening and will likely catch the second half of the match* in the pub afterwards, all for free Rather excited to go play with it *I can't stand football ordinarily, the stupid salaries, attitude, acting and general f**kery that goes on disgusts me, much prefer rugby but the world cup is always a bit of fun!