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  1. HP have come through with the warranty on the cable and it should be arriving Monday
  2. So the 3070 GPU is awesome, not so awesome is my vr headset has decided it doesn't like connecting to the USB ports on my machine any more. Known fault with HP and they've been replacing them under warranty with a new version, fingers crossed I can get one otherwise it's 135 quid for the updated V2. On the happy side my old gtx1070 is currently bidding up to 315 quid on eBay, granted I'll have to be paying close to 40 quid sellers fees but I only paid 200 for it three years ago Apart from the cable failing it was looking to be a very cheap GPU upgrade!
  3. Go for snowflake build! Got to be fun playing cats cradle with your spokes :D edit: Reckon you could get the threaded ends shorter on a later build to save more weight? Could you alternatively look at having the tensioning at the hub end to reduce your rotational inertia?
  4. @Adam@TartyBikes is it a conscious design to not cross the spokes? Presume the tension comes from stretching the rope rather than having the spokes contact and pull against one another?
  5. Yup, also no sign in available on mobile version :) Logged in on desktop version of page without any issue then switched back to mobile version.
  6. forteh

    TF Makers

    Pfft, call yourself a reformed weight weenie, you could have taken those dropouts back to the plate and you know it Now you'll just collect 15g of mud in there!
  7. FFS Dave, you practically invited the spam bot in here!
  8. forteh

    TF Makers

    Practice on the old frame
  9. forteh

    TF Makers

    Make a paper template, use your tensioner screws and the inside face of the dropout as your datum and then you can use the same template on both sides and it will be even
  10. forteh

    TF Makers

    I would have done it before gluing them together But yeah, in situ, mark a rough cutting line and scribe a finished line, 1mm slitting disk to the rough and use a flap wheel to take it back to the scribed. Shouldn't be too hard to do and eye them up enough to not notice.
  11. forteh

    TF Makers

    Looks proper shit that does edit: had you considered slicing the rear corners off the dropouts to shave some more weight?
  12. You can only buy the founders edition cards from scan as they're nvidias fullfillment partner for the UK, been watching the telegram alert bots for a couple of weeks now; just a case of when the stock alerts come out get one ordered immediately. I hit the buy button within 20 seconds of the notification and the 3070s were sold out by the time I put my card details in. Plenty of them about on facebook or ebay but scalpers are asking 900+ for a founders edition, the MSRP of them is 469 The founders editions don't have the low hash rate gubbins in them which means that they mine crypto at higher rates than all the other cards, unfortunately it's scalpers buying the cards cheap and then flogging them at 100% markup to cryptominers who will think nothing of throwing a grand at a gpu. I could immediately make almost 300 quid profit by selling it to cex, but I want the card not the cash
  13. Finally bagged an RTX3070 gpu for MSRP rather than the 200% price gouging going on with anyone trying to make a quick buck and making the buying market intolerable for the people who want a gpu for the intended use of playing games. Entire uk stock of founders edition cards was out of stock within minutes Super pleased I've managed to grab one though, will make flying and driving in VR much prettier
  14. forteh


    Our MD has said that anyone in contact with covid has to go home until all clear. Ours came back from scout camp, clear on the Friday before and Monday after, positive by Tuesday. Youngest went down with fever for 48 hours from Tuesday, second youngest and wife tested positive Thursday. I tested positve on the following Monday. Bear in mind we made no attempt to keep it to ourselves within the house but also didn't leave the house. The eldest went to stop with her dad on the Thursday onwards of half term, she was testing daily and never came up positive but it did mean that the wasn't going to mess up her mocks by having to isolate. So I was in close proximity to positive cases and still took almost a week to display aany symptoms or positive test myself. Keep safe, it wasn't too bad for us all things being told.
  15. There go our energy bills then...