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  1. Could the domestic situation be alleviated or modified to work with a move away, even if it's 50-60 miles? Perhaps extend the reach to Lancaster/Preston/Blackburn, could that grant more opportunities?
  2. Now you've insulated it, get a diesel heater in there Looks awesome!
  3. What insulation are you using? If you're planning on laying celotex slabs in between the joist then they will help support the ply floor to an extent (as long as it's supported from below). My gut instinct would be 1 and you can get away with thinner ply Don't trust me, I design shit cleaning equipment for a living, however I have recently insulated my van floor with joists and celotex with the original 10mm ply floor laid on top and it's completely solid.
  4. edit: we're rocking a henry, it's 14 years old now, has had the abuse of 4 different children standing on it to get food from the fridge, overheated due to being used as router table dust extractor in the middle of summer and dealing with a neverending source of labrador glitter (ginger hairs everywhere!) yet still he keeps plodding on. Accept no substitute, buy a henry
  5. I just accidentally 600 quid on knobbly tyres for the campervan It's three times the amount that is spend on budgets for the smax They'll probably outlast the life of the van so that's not a bad thing Edit: they arrived! Edit again: they fit!
  6. You're properly weird, did you know that? I have to resist really hard when we're out and about on our travels, we could be driving through some random village in the arse end of nowhere and I'll just randomly spurt out "I replaced the grit plant at that sewage works about 14 years ago!". Mrs wife keeps threatening to disown me because of it
  7. I like your random picture of the sewage works! It's not one of our distributors, it's a 4" tomkinson unit, probably installed in the late '80s I've been working in sewage treatment for too long obviously
  9. You saying his misses is bigger than 8 blue euro pallets? I jest, I do 90% of the washing up
  10. My weight has stayed exactly the same, still 76kg. Never been to a gym in my life so sitting at home instead of sitting at work had made absolutely no difference Back to working in the office from Monday though.
  11. More time spent on designing the shifter Decided on getting the shell of the shifter printed so I had far more freedom with the design, will send it over tomorrow and see how the prints come out. Additional centreing leaf springs for the sequential shifter will be laser cut from 0.9mm stainless with the capbablitly to add more leaves in if more force is required. Still got to design a couple of clip on covers for the microswitch terminals and some wiring management. I wanted to get the removeable sequential cap to be stowable on the shifter body but it just didn't fit right no matter how I played with it. Will have to model the two aluminium spars that are holding the wheel to the desk so I can finalise how it's going to actually bolt down and be stiff enough!
  12. That was with the season pass and all dlc, whatever you do, don't look at dirt rally 2. Base game is now only 25 quid but with 58 dlc items at an average cost of about 3 quid a piece I got my full version with all dlc from cdkeys for 14 quid, legal yes, morally correct, perhaps not but if codemasters hadn't sold out to facebook and made dirt rally 1 VR only work on oculus headsets (instead of htc/valve/WMR) I wouldn't have bought DR2 as I was quite happy with DR1 - well that was till I upgraded my oculus DK2 to a lenovo explorer which obviously runs on the WMR platform
  13. Yup, back to 70 quid, think I paid 11 for it
  14. Picked project cars 2 last week in a ridiculous 80% steam sale, been hooning round cadwell in a caterham in vr and just came second in my first ever race against really novice AI So much sweat from sitting down, mind you it is about 32°c in here!
  15. Fore and aft selector pivot printed, bearings fitted. Got all the microswitches and usb encoder board. I've changed the design to include a slot on module that converts it to a sequential shifter. The pivot bearing centering mechanism isn't going to be stiff enough for the sequential so designing in some adjustable leaf springs so I should be able to fine tune it. All good fun but making me hanker after a 3D printer