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  1. Does Jenny know? Did she partake in this?
  2. Congratulations, didn't know you had it in you!
  3. Danny hasn't been on mondraker for three years or so hasn't he?
  4. The illicit DCM dealer of TF supplied me the goop to strip the old powdercoat off my intense frame as well, cant recall what it was though
  5. Pfft, just blink a few times, it soon stops burning I stripped an old bmx frame when I was a teenager, had been painted at least 34 times and I spent hours at it with DCM nitromors and a wire brush in a drill, took ages to clean all the ejected bits of stringy, soggy, molten plastic off everything in the workshop
  6. Don't be rediculous! To be fair, it's pretty nasty stuff, stings when you get it in your eyes Perhaps Dave can set up his own stripping business that incorporates some form of calisthenics in order to be able to legally buy the stuff?
  7. Powdercoat will need dichloromethane based which is illegal to use unless you're certified etc etc. DCM was the active ingredient in old nitromores and was banned for domestic use by the EU. Minimum of gloves, goggles unless you like chemical burns Anodising should come off with a caustic solution.
  8. Well it's a good job I bought another one as well The jackson is big (2.6m), I'm the lighter end of the weight range for it but it was cheap and by all accounts handles really well for a big boat, I'll be using it initially but when Reuben (the stepson) gets bigger (he's 11 and I expect him to do this in the next 2 years) he will be able to use it a bit easier. As a smaller option I picked up a dragorossi stinger for not a lot of cash, currently at the father in laws as it was local to him near Hereford and he went to collect it; it's a 1.9m long river running playboat so hopefully a little easier for the smaller kids to throw around. Paid 300 for the jackson with airbags, wetsuit, splashcag, PFD and a werner carbon/glass sherpa paddle and 123 for the dragorossi with a spraydeck
  9. 42 today and I accidentally a whole kayak Persephone says she's definitely big enough to paddle it, I'm not so sure.
  10. Sort of along the same lines of getting old (42 on friday) and keeping mobility with stretches and the like, for the last couple of decades I've really struggled to touch my toes and always put it down to tight hamstrings or calves... As a result 20 years of sitting at work (causing short hip flexors, anterior tipped pelvis and dippy lower spine) resulting in a repeated lower back sprain I went to a chiro to see what they recommend, about half way through treatment now and it's all infinitely looser and no pain but I've been making a conscious effort to keep stretching the hips, strengening the glutes and keep it all aligned. Tweaked one of my hamstrings coaching u6s rugby on sunday so looked to get some decent stretches on them, cue lots of pain in the back of the knees and nothing in the actual muscle. 5 minutes of googling later and I realise that I've spent the last half of my life trying to stretch my sciatic nerve instead of the hamstring Found some different stretches that isolated the muscles, got a stretch on them, flossed the nerves a few times and I can now get fingers to the floor with straight legs, I don't recall when I could last do that. Hopefully it will help sort out the ankle impingement I've had for the last 5 years as well
  11. 100% affection, all the time (on their time) especially if you're the one that regularly feeds them Taj would always curl up on my lap, as soon as I would get into bed he would then curl up on my pillow and snuggle my head, since he pegged it over the rainbow bridge a couple of years back, marmalade has now taken on the mantle because she's the only cat now and will reliably come and lie down purring on my chest as soon as I get into bed. We don't get a huge volume of livestock* anymore, typically a mouse a month if it's the season and she can be bothered to hunt (12 years old now), taj in his heyday would regularly bring a baby rabbit in a night and eat it all barring the back legs and tail. Rarely did he let it go alive in the house, apart from the time it was a full grown adult rat, had to be 14" long and dumped it under the bed (typically crammed with boxes of stuff) at 3am *shrews/mice/frogs/rats/rabbits/blackbirds/starlings/pigeons and an attempt at a crow! edit: oh and mans best friend, the doting loyal labrador is just a f**king doofus nutcase whose sense of affection is charginfg 38kg of flesh into the front of your knees at high velocity
  12. Glad I quoted you Or should I just delete my post as well?
  13. Mike, did you really need to bump this one?
  14. I would make a jig with a sliding blade made from 4-5mm thick stainless that you can grind to a decent edge. Absolutely no idea if it would work but worth a try? We're looking to possibly relay our parquet into the hallway (if levels allow) and that would be my first attempt
  15. I'm two weeks into being fleeced at all oppurtunities by the chiropractor for pulling my back a couple of weekends ago. I'm older than most on here and this was the third instance of the same injury in the last 5 years or so and I figured that I ought to get it looked at properly before it starts degenerating. I had sprained my sacral facet joints and got a significant amount of anterior pelvic tilt/dippy spine going on (from being sat in the office for the last 20 years and not stretching my hips out at all). Yes it's going to cost a few hundred quid but I'd rather get it ironed out now whilst I still have the chance to make a better recovery. The crippling shooting pains have all gone now and hip movement is about 80%, still can't bend my spine forwards to any great degree yet but she reckons on another 4 weeks of treatment so a while to go.