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Brake Pads Exploding...


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Well today I was doing manuals down hills and I usualy fether my brake, I pulled the lever in when I was going over the back and my pad seemed to have snaped in two and sent me on my ass down a steep hill :(. Anyways my points are has anyone ever snaped a magura powerpad backing walst riding???? and how could this have happend???

Thanks Blake.

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I guess its that abrupt force applied to the mounting hole of the pad, where there's the least amount of plastic, being forced against the nipple on the piston. The weakest bit broke.

Doubt it has anything to with the back, just that the pads are extremely bitey. Don't feather your rear brake going down a hill at speed where there's no chance your rear wheel will break traction.

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I think ben's referring to a vid some canadian took and when the backing snapped, everyone went round saying rockpads were shit, even though they use powerpad backings, which pretty much all pads do...

But aye, plastic backings are shit anyway, bin them and get some metal ones.

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out of interest was it the pad or the backing that snapped?

perhaps the glue used to set it in, or the moulding of the pad was too loose?

Mine was the actual pad.. but the backing was like half snapped

Happened to me aswell Mr. Bazzacovich. But i didnt hurt myself. brake went kinda spongy went to check the brake and my pad fell out. haaa :P

Bazzacovich is a new one on me :P I was riding down my hill, pulled brake, heard a big bang, stopped, looked all over bike, couldn't find anything wrong. Got back on, did a hop, brake just sliped, was on my arse... looked and there was like half a pad left :L

Ding ding ding. We have a weener. :lol:

I like weener

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One for the really old skoolers amongst us : Anyone remember in Evolve or Revolution ( lol VHS ) where Libor Karas' pads audibly popped right out ?

Yes indeedy - he continued the section brakeless for a bit (But not far) - possibly the first recorded brakeless trials riding though :)...

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