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Removing Chainring From Tensiles?


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yo people......

Bought bike recently, came with tensiles which are not a crank im familiar with.

They currently only have an 18t chainring fitted so i bought a bash to go with it however after removing the crank from the BB (isis if it matters) its not really apparent how the chainring fixes to the arm, (my old middleburns had a lockring). at a guess i would say it threads on (standard thread not left hand) BUT i see no threads either side of the chainring on the arm itself?!

am i right in that they thread on? would like to know before i use heavy blunt instruments to remove small alloy parts.


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or another way is get yourself a shimano bottom bracket tool,bolt to the freewheel(if thats what you meant by sprocket)with a old axle through cranks and tool(dont bolt together solid as it wont undo just nipped up),bolt the tool in a vice and pipe the crank arm and it should come off with a bit of effort.done mine a month back and doin them tomorrow as new freewheel will be here.

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