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Read the guidelines -Echo Pure For Sale


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Hey reason for selling is wanting to try some thing new and diffrent, having a problem with account and unable to get pics up but if you are intrested can email them to you i am look at selling the bike for no less than £400 live in fareham/ collect would be prefered but if this is not possible will drive but not to far,


Frame Echo Pure "2005 Ed i think"

Forks Echo

Front break Avid dish with Avid Leaver

Rear break Magura H233

Crank Middleburn with shaved bash

Headset Hope

Rear wheel "not sure make" hope hub

Front Wheel "not sure make" echo front hub

Handle bars + stem Zoo Flat bars + FSA

VMT Alex

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read the rules and carnt actualy see were i have gone wrong, you wont to tell me?

You're not allowed to sale parts/bikes unless you're a validated user and not on the "new-members" thread,but on the SALES thread!

naughty naughty

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