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Dressler Camp, Travelling Options..

Will Arnold

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just wondering who went to the dressler camp last year, and what mode of transport they took.

i'd like to know where the nearest airport is, is it Tanvald? or is prague the closest?

thanks fellas


Prague seems to be the best airport to go to, I think lukas will be able to pick people up ( i hope!)

If i can find a good flight ( may have to miss the last day of college) Ill hopefully be flying from stansted on 1st/2nd and i want to fly back on the 6th.

Anyone driving out there, who might have a spare seat?? ( you know what the airports have been liek recently)

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cheers pal. so who's this lukas fellow? he organising it? does he charge to pick you up from the 'port in prague?

i think mr singleton and i will be driving down a bit before and be doing some kind of massive roadtrip extravaganzaaa! shall soon see!

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Hey guys,

sorry for late post. I didn't log into the forum for pretty long time. We are getting pretty busy with organization :)

Yes, the nearest (and I think the best) airport is Prague. Tanvald (event location) is about 140km north of Prague.

If anyone is planning to come by plane, just let me know and I'll do my best to help you to get there. Sonner I know it, more time I have to do something about it.

I'll can take you to Tanvlad by my car or by Dressler's van ;)

We appreciate anyone who comes from abroad so we help you with transport from Prague to Tanvald and back.

Just send a message to shop@dressler.cz and I'll take care of that.

I'll start a new topic about DC010 details in few minutes... ;)

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