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Beginner Vid!


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first posting of a video on here and i know how it can be with comments! negative is fine, try to be constructive though and not a tit about it...

been riding for around 6months now and with time off work and yesterdays weather i figured id film some bits and pieces (all done with that sony "hd" camera phone and some blutac for anyone curious). unfortunately its only facebook ive uploaded it to! privacy settings are for everyone to see but if it doesnt work i'll make a youtube account and go down that route


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haha thanks guys - didnt quite expect that :D !

just shows what you can get when you put the time in i guess?! im lucky with the amount of days off i have....its going to be a good summer ;)

You must have have done soome other riding before! was a good vid. When you say sony phone, was it the vivaz, if so i got one and its amazing!

The comment about danny mac wanna be was a bit harsh, you obviously have had inspiration from him, but i wouldnt say your a wanna be.

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