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  1. Really enjoyed that!
  2. I haven't been on the forum for a couple of years now, The last video I saw of him I think he was riding some wooden beams and pallets in his/your garden. What a massive improvement, has some serious control for such a little lad. Give it a couple of years he will be pulling out silly big things. Good luck to him in the future!
  3. Close now.
  4. Was near the start mate :)he said something about Vernon kay
  5. Yupp been a while sent it in back in october in 2009 just got in!! i totally forgot about it then last week got a letter in the post saying its going to be shown and money is on its way
  6. I'm on there tonight Think that was worth £250 to be honest :L
  7. Skegness ride 8th april Thanks to evreyone who came Nick [myself] Jason Dan Callum Peter Reece Ben
  8. Getting seriously good and smooth now dude. Need to get my sen a new bike and come ride with you sometime.
  9. My misses has the nikon not a bad little camera, video is good too
  10. +1
  11. Nice riding, get yourself a lid though.
  12. There shall be a family tomorrow
  13. Our 8 n half foot snow man Not finished yet.
  14. Welcome to Tf mate