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lol........ ok need some advice , basically i bought some echo tr brake clamps from tarty about 2 or 3 months ago ... cant remeber exactly , i fitted them straight to my zoo pitbull forks and they have been fine .

however tonight im shuffling them to the rear brake , so take them off the forks and go to fit them on the frame and notice they dont fit .... i think the picture below explains all..., im abit pissed

they basically float on the zoo mounts which is why they dont have an issue but on my frame and im guessing most others , they dont touch the thead boss's because of the rounded bottom and if i attempt to tighten them , then they're going to bend !!

does anyone think tarty will send some replacements ? no point in having clamps i cant use !!


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and i aint got no means to grind them down , or i might have , but would have expected the correct clamps in the first place...

most likely the factory bagging them up wrong

I'm sure tarty will sort something out for you give them a ring and see what they say mate.:)

hope so lol

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If not I have some brake clamps near new. And they are gold wouldn't want much for them.

cheers for the offer but that would be money I should not need to spend , I'm gonna have to speak to tarty tomorrow and see if they will sort it for me :)

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Thats amazing...god knows how you didn't notice them when you put em on the forks though :P


yeah lol ... They were brake clamps and gold !!! So I just banged em on ! If I had put them on the frame then I would have noticed but they went on the forks and worked fine so I wasn't any the wiser lol

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