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Height Of Rider//szie Of Bike


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well its small and light so u can chuck it about but I still dont think its the best thing to ride about on its a chuck it in the car and get it out and ride bike no seat is supposed to get in the way but I have no prob with my seat gettin in the way so your best to try and have a go on a 20 and a 26 ! :thumbsup:

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6'3'' ridden pashley with 120mm o deg rise stem fine..crescetn ilions...brisa stem but it's being built now.

A lot say 20'' is easyer I find it very hard and theylook well I try and not ride with any one that does ride trials.

26'' is seen more aorund and stuff..the dady. More parts out there as it use every day bits..cheaper than a 20 as therte cutome parts.

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