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  1. A few weeks ago I headed down to Bike Trial Academy UK, and spent a few hours being blown away by Charlie Rolls. Here's a video from that afternoon. The Crewkerz Jealousy Ultimate 20" that Charlie rides is now available from TartyBikes
  2. Right. Not that it's really annoying (well, yeah, it IS), but can you please try and keep pad reviews in ONE thread? There are threads specifically about RimJam pads, Heatsinks"Tart" pads, so please think about the children and post reviews in there. Please. Someone think of the children. Either way, it's getting out of hand. There are more reviews from people who've just opened envelopes with pads in than are really necessarily. Equally, if people are thinking of buying pads, if all the reviews for a company are in one thread, it's a lot easier. And, again, it's not half as annoying. One last thing - if you're writing a review: 1. If you've only just received the pads and have ridden for less than a day, DON'T click Post Reply. One day of riding means very, very little. 2. If you've only just received the pads, we don't care if there's "No noticeable wear". There won't be. 3. Keep it simple. Pad type. Mod/Stock. Rim type. Rim surface (ground, tar, etc.). 4. Simple review. Good/not so good. Give reasons. So yeah, just to stop people like my good self getting pissed off, follow these rules. M'kay? Mark. Heres the standard review format
  3. The only thing to be aware of really is that the Zoot frames aren't known for being the strongest out there, so it'd probably be worth holding out for a really good condition one if you go for that as your option. If you're looking second hand, the Element was superseded by the Flow, so search for Flow or Flow Plus bikes too In terms of height, you should be fine. I'm around your height and have ridden 24s for the past 9-10 years or so and haven't needed anything over a 90mm stem in conjunction with some higher rise bars. I even use a shorter stem now and it's still all good.
  4. I had a similar issue with a driver bearing shitting the bed and managed to pry it out using a flat head screw-driver and just working my way around opposing sides. It was ball ache but it gradually worked. Can appreciate that that bearing is a little deeper in the body though so might be trickier.
  5. Fixed that for you.
  6. 28-29th September, Bike Trial Academy UK, CB23 2UP. Saturday features Round 5 of the Academy competition series, mini comps, games, a cake party and more. Sunday features a retro trials comp, riding, more fun competitions, riding, a trials car boot sale and more riding. Tickets and more info are available now:
  7. Only time to really keep an eye on things from my experience is with your wrists. Lever angles and lever reach that's not quite right for your body can lead to a fair bit of pain, so take an allen key tool out with you and don't be afraid to try and experiment with different bar and lever angles to see what works for you.
  8. Possibly a Because Simple: EDIT: A Because Simple. Wheelbase: 1000mm Chainstay Length: 362mm BB Rise: +65mm Head Angle: 71.5 degrees Centre of BB shell to top centre of head tube: 595mm BB will be a 68mm shell, head tube just needs a standard headset, 116mm drop out spacing, so fairly standard in terms of getting replacement bits if you need to. Only slight problem is it's hard to get hold of that style of bashplate these days as people switched to the newer style mount orientation. The stem on that bike looks relatively low and short, but if your son isn't super tall (i.e. sub 5ft or so) then that shouldn't be a problem. If he's taller than that it may be worth investing in a 150mm trials stem for it at some point as it'll make the bike ride a bit better.
  9. F1

    So it's confirmed Bottas is at Mercedes, Ocon is at Renault and Haas are assessing Hulkenberg and Grosjean to partner Magnussen. Bearing in mind how dogshit Grosjean has been, personality clash between Hulk/Magnussen aside, they'd have to be f**ked in the head to stick with him.
  10. Are they snapping when you're riding? If so, that kind of hints at an issue elsewhere. Basically, tugs are effectively just a setup aid. Once your axle bolts are done up, they should be taking the load, not the tug. If the tug is breaking that means that it's having to take some of the load when you're riding, meaning the axle bolts aren't doing their job effectively. Not sure which rear hub you're using, but taking the axle bolts/nuts off and cleaning them thoroughly, giving them a decent application of grease, cleaning up the faces of the dropout and then reinstalling them should help. Properly greased axle bolts make a huge difference to how well your wheel will stay in place. Because they're a relatively small diameter, if they're fairly dry or the threads are gunked up they can bind fairly easily and feel tight when in reality they've got a lot more to give.
  11. It's not really the answer you'll want to hear, but unfortunately trials is just really hard. Most of the skills you're looking to learn are all about body positioning and movement, and the only way you can learn them is by going out and spending the time learning how your bike feels and reacts, finding out what slight shifts in body position do, refining your brake control, etc. You can research all the steps you need to take to do it, but you still have to put the time in to learn those movements. You will get some leaps in improvement - especially with things like back hops where you might be able to do 3 or 4 one day, then suddenly it'll click and you'll be able to do 10 or 15 the next - but for the most part it is a bit more of a slow grind as you improve your technique. You just have to take the little victories when they come, such as adding an extra back hop, improving how long you can trackstand for, adding a few more degrees to a pivot, etc.
  12. F1

    Yeah, saw some rumours flying around about Ocon -> Renault, and Hulkenberg -> Haas. We'll see... 'Silly season' in full effect.
  13. It seems like you've been able to find your weakness with riding, and addressing those weaknesses is the way to improve Working on things you know you're better at will help too, but in terms of opening up more options for yourself in future, taking the time to do the things that feel hardest now is a good bet. There are a few moves that I glossed over when I was learning and I can really see how they've impacted on what I can and can't ride now, and if I had the chance I'd have spent more time on them years ago rather than having to go back to basics now. If that weakness for you is working on doing things slower/more controlled, then that's what to focus on. You can still do the other things too, but if you become aware of yourself avoiding the trickier stuff that's when you need to more consciously try and give it a go. In terms of fear, I've found that that comes and goes. Sometimes I'll be fine with flinging myself up/over/down stuff, but other times I'll feel a lot more timid. You'll find some ways to push through it, but just be aware they won't always work (again, from personal experience...). If you can do one thing on each ride that you're a bit scared of then that's a good way to build up more of an inoculation to it and also progress, but that doesn't need to be a firm goal for a ride. Just see how you feel. Just as a side note, I'm not sure which style of riding you're doing, but if you're doing any streetier stuff that involves balance moves like manuals, learning to do them slower is definitely the way to go. When anyone learns manuals there's the temptation to use something to gauge the distance you're doing (e.g. trying to do a car parking space, then trying to do two, and on), but the joint temptation with that is to put a few extra cranks in to help get the speed up to cover that distance more easily. Taking the time to learn them slow really helps get your balance skills better developed, and will help out in the long run.
  14. I think realistically either would probably be fine, but if you're on Facebook or Instagram it might be worth firing a message over to the Academy about it. You might get more scope to play on different bits of the place on the Sunday as there won't be a full competition on then, but equally if you wanted to have a pop at a trials comp to see what they're like Saturday would be the one. The Academy rounds are low pressure/stress ones, so would be a good one to try if you wanted to dip a toe.
  15. Due to the popular demand of Rob_P and Rob_P, here is the "Post a pic of today's riding" thread. This is a place just to put the odd one or two (if you've taken a zillion or however many, feel free to make a new thread ) pics you've taken, so there aren't so many "Here is a pic of a sidehop" threads or whatever. Go nuts. To start with, from a few days ago, and not trials: Let thread-age commence.
  16. As Joe said, there's air in there. If pulling the lever doesn't immediately move the pistons in the calipers, that's due to air in the system.
  17. Also, bangers galore. High fives for how tight the editing is on the Chad Kerley/stairs/song #2 part too.
  18. Dave Krone's got such a nice/interesting style. Tech, nibbles, style, pop, bueno. Kind of like a less squeaky clean Dan Foley.
  19. Snazzy setup Have you tried sorting the stripped hub out with Hope? They're usually pretty good with that kind of thing. It's cool that you feel you're riding better on it too. Just goes to show that weight doesn't really matter too much (for most people at least), and that a bike that's well setup can 'ride light' even if it's actually a bit of a porker.
  20. Haha, maybe they didn't then. Hadn't realised they were that long! From memory my Zip was 1040mm-ish. I guess the reach will have been similar, but the back wheel will have been a little friendlier with the BB area.
  21. Nice work dudes
  22. Not sure how active he is on here now, but @CalopS puts in some insane mileage. Worth a follow on Strava...
  23. The geo was a bit different though - shorter rear end (think they were 362mm, whereas the Python was 370-something-mm), and the wheelbase is a little longer. I used to ride one back when they were new and really liked how it rode. Nice and stiff, good geo, just generally a decent frame. Not the lightest frame ever but it should last
  24. It seems there's quite a lot of really good clips from random people popping up on Instagram these days, and it doesn't always get seen elsewhere. I thought it might be cool if people posted up some decent stuff they've seen in this thread as it might help get more people seeing more gooderer stuff. If not, no worries... Related - this has just been posted by Inspired: There's also Sintaro Otake who I've only heard of through Instagram, but does some pretty cool stuff. This is his most recent video but he's got some gems in his back catalogue: Rick Koekoek's been posting some serious stuff recently too, e.g.:
  25. The haircut is part of his act though, so that's not going anywhere. His history doesn't really suggest that: "Mr. Johnson’s tenure as mayor produced other costly failures, such as the “Boris bus.” Mr. Johnson vowed to revive the classic model and even brought back onboard ticket sellers, despite warnings from transport officials that the plan was not economically viable. Within a few years, the onboard ticket sellers were scrapped, the open-air doorways were sealed shut, and the “Boris bus” came to be known mostly for its sweaty, saunalike interior, not to mention the 300 million pounds, or about $375 million, it burned in the public purse." -- "He also pursued a plan to build a “garden bridge” over the Thames, which ended up costing £50 million without a brick ever being laid." -- "...then there were the three, 25-year-old German water cannons that he purchased in the name of dispelling possible rioters. He went forward with the purchases despite warnings from experts that they were ill suited for London. Theresa May, then the home secretary, soon outlawed them, and they were finally sold last year as scrap at a £300,000 loss." -- "“He liked to fly by the seat of his pants on things like this, and he was more than happy to bluff or lie,” said Jenny Jones, a London Assembly member... Mr. Johnson, at that time already being discussed as a future prime minister, seemed enamored of the status and power of City Hall, but “bored with the whole concept of politics and taking responsibility,” Ms. Jones said. “I wouldn’t trust him to feed my cat.”" -- Things like that just don't really fill me with confidence when we're talking about something as intricate and detailed as Brexit. He did have some success as Mayor to be fair, but still, he doesn't really seem to be the person you'd really want dealing with high level negotiations with people who already think he's a bullshitter and a liar (the same people he's already damaged relationships with during his time as foreign secretary too). But yeah, we'll see. We're pretty f**ked whatever happens - if they end up losing their majority through MPs resigning or defecting it'll just force a general election, and it's not like we've got any decent alternatives. I don't see a second referendum happening, so it seems that it's either a slightly tweaked Brexit deal that we've already got on the table, or no deal.