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How To Modify A 05 Magura Hs33 Lever Body

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This is a quick and easy guide to help prevent your 05 Magura HS33 lever body from snapping.

Due to the shape of the lever body they are prone to cracking underneath which can lead to them snapping under power which generally will result in lots of pain. This is easily solved however with a 5 minute modification!

Tools Required

  • Dremel or similar power tool fitted with small cutting disc, or
  • Small hacksaw


  • Small circular file, or
  • Wet and dry or similar


This quite a simple straightforward job. Here is an image of one of my old HS33 levers with the section you need to cut off marked in red. If you look closely you can just see where it has already cracked at the bottom under the red line. Luckily but cutting it as follows the lever body should be saved and will still be useable safely.


If you plan on using a Dremel or similar tool this can be done with the lever blade still in place but if your cutting it with a hacksaw I'd recommend removing it. Also if you use a hacksaw then aim to cut straight across and leave the angled edge.

Once it is done your lever should look like this.



You can then simply clean the edge up with a small file, bit of wet and dry or the dremel.

Some people prefer to repeat the process on the top of the body to be sure but I personally never had a problem, it was always the bottom that would crack.

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