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  1. Even worse than that, it's not even a bike site it's one of those sites that lists literally everything, bike stuff, random clothes, household goods, you name it they probably sell it!
  2. I managed to find a website that had DMR Backlines in stock so ordered a pair. Slightly dubious about the whole situation mind as the website was in French, based in Canada (which explains the language). The rims were extremely cheap (£40 posted) but are now on their way, not sure what's gonna arrive if anything but the price isn't that much so won't be the end of the world of it all goes tits up. Interesting thing was when I got the shipping information from them, the rims were shipped from China and went to America via USPS and have just yesterday passed through customs in Miami. God only know where they're going to end up but will be interested to find out
  3. I was same but Revolution instead of Evolve, I did upload it to Vimeo but looks like my account has been deleted at some point
  4. What should have been a quiet nightshift where I can get a few hours kip has just turned after a report of someone ready to jump off the viaduct. Transport police and my manager are on their way and I could have sworn I heard a scream about 20 minutes ago but could easily have been something innocent and my mind playing tricks on me. Needless to say I'm wide awake now
  5. Power put through a DJ drivetrain is nothing like the power put through a trials drivetrain, especially for a big chunk of sexiness like Luke
  6. Why not a screw on freewheel?
  7. Wouldn't really make any difference whatsoever, if anything performance would be slightly worse. The split lines would be pushing the pistons in and the crossover would just hold fluid. You could potentially split the hose and then split each line again to run feeds into both holes in the slaves but I can't imagine it would improve the feel. Either way it would be almost impossible to bleed the system.
  8. Why would you need a crossover if you were going to split the feed?
  9. As far as I know, the Ashton is 1025 wb/+25 bb rise/380mm stays/72º head angle
  10. People (read "Women") who walk around talking to people on speakerphone with the phone held up to their face. Why not make the effort to lift your phone an extra couple of inches and speak like a normal person!
  11. Anyone ever seen something for sale and bought it because it was cheap thinking it'd come into use in the future and then lost it? I've had a few things but the most annoying was a couple of years back when Trialtechs HS33 pads had just come out and I bought a set in black Phatpad backings off here for a tenner! Didn't need but couldn't turn them down, stuck them on my bits shelf in the pantry and have never been able to find them again. They came wrapped in cling film so can only assume they got chucked in the bin at some point, absolutely gutted!
  12. Would do me fine, a good 5mm shorter than my current 24
  13. Assuming I can correctly see 'burns and Hope hubs then you'll be looking probably £350+ in the current bizarro world we're in. Ebay probably the best option
  14. 3 kids at home for the foreseeable now, luckily the wife doesn't work anyway so we don't have to worry about childcare. Just hope the weather picks up soon, lockdown in the summer was great being outdoors so much. Won't be enjoyable if it's just constant rain for weeks...
  15. The wife and me want to call her Pip (she won't let me have Stella ) but the kids aren't keen. Tough tits though cause I'm paying so I get final say