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  1. You're correct this is trials forum so quit being a whiney bitch and suck it up. I'm here to moderate what goes on and my comment stands, keeping your videos in one thread (especially with the frequency of them) saves the Videos forum from being whitewashed with all your content which could cause other peoples media to get lost. As for the ego boost comment....
  2. Set of old Echo Urbans or some Inspired for me
  3. Could be worse, the videos section could be flooded with absolute shite. This way it's self contained
  4. The low top tube makes the wheels look huge hence the confusion
  5. Is that 27.5 or 29? Seems like everyone is already moving on from 27.5 and I've only just got onto it .
  6. Never heard of them and to be honest I don't think you can go wrong with standard Hope or Shimano rotors with Trialtech or Jitsie pads for trials specific
  7. Yeah that was my kind of time, finished school for exam leave in late spring 99 and spent every single day out riding rather than revising. Didn't really pay off though as I was still shit but having fun
  8. Never could get the balls to try to endo pivot off anything higher than a kerb even after studying these for hours!
  9. Nice, what you going for?
  10. Nah not gonna ask to buy, got one lined up but it's the model with the gusset near the headtube
  11. @Ross McArthur you still got this or did it die?
  12. Such an immense legend, intrigued to see where he moves on to next and what he'll be doing
  13. Happy Christmas all!
  14. f**king youth of today, just had a run in with two scrotes eyeing up mine and a mates motor at work. Wankers
  15. Not 100% sure yet but I've got 4 months to claim my prize. Whatever it is will probably be a bigger project but a 3hr head start will help. Have a look at some of her stuff here Told the mother in law I was gonna get some hair tattooed on my head and she actually believed me....