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  1. Another great how to video, top work Max!
  2. Hip hop was after my time Really makes me want a 26 with a seat reading these, watched GET2 the other day and was wondering what half these guys are doing nowadays? Is Jack Meek still a brand or has he turned back into a person?? Sure I saw he was doing something like landscape gardening???
  3. In my opinion yes, it's a later model with rear disc mount and you can buy custom linkages to increase the travel without destroying the geometry!
  4. Oh dear god..... Also, if you're gonna post a muscle-up video, post a muscle-up video
  5. Glad you (nearly) sorted it, especially after all the work Red has had!
  6. Everything I've found says it's belt related either water pump or cambelt too tight
  7. Fantastic tutorial thanks, will get this pinned!
  8. I like Dunc's vids as there's always more of a trials element than full on street riding. Waterpark does seem like the place where after dark it turns into an underground fight to the death kind of setup
  9. Cnut, I got stung for almost the same
  10. Agreed, only £25 as well!
  11. Try and get hold of an old Echo SL front for the rear. Double wall, relatively lightweight, immense grindability and strong. Mines so wide I have to run worn down pads on the front
  12. Front and rear forks
  13. What bars and forks are you running? Only thing I'd look to change purely from that pic is the cranks as I remember a few people snapping them a few years ago.
  14. Viewing for work tonight
  15. In less expensive topics, got some new (to me) forks to replace the standard cheapo Rockshox on my Jamis. Set at 140mm so I get an extra 20 from standard and man does it make a difference! Feel it needs some Raceline Magura MT's now to match the stickers and pedals