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  1. Could just be that the bird is a low bidget model aimed at beginners (I think). Most of the modernish mods I've ridden are really short with high BB. Maybe look for an Echo or similar, even an oldish Zoo Lynx would probably do what you want.
  2. Geo has changed a lot since them days! Whereabouts are you from? Maybe worth seeing if there are any riders local to you so you could meet up and have a go on a few different bikes to see what feels nice. Might end up on something completely different to what you used to ride!
  3. Not the ones off my old black Zoo mod are they??
  4. Do Echo not still do one?
  5. On the lookout for a front brake for my Adamant and happened across these on eBay I don't plan on investing but wondered if anyone had seen them or used them before. Research suggests Promax is a bit of a cheap and nasty company for budget bits so I'm not expecting anything amazing but £38 for a new brake isn't bad even as an entry level option!
  6. Anyone know roughly what will/won't work with a D521 due to the narrow profile? And does anyone have a pair of said compatible forks available??
  7. I loved my mk1 Zoot. The geometry was great (for me) and I'd happily have another one. The only thing that needs changing (assuming they're still the same) is the forks as they're steel and weight and absolute tonne. Set of Inspired forks or some Echo Urbans will do the job!
  8. Nah you'll be fine on a 24 mate just a case of working out what feels right regarding stem and bar setup
  9. Bike is filth, red Hope hubs on D521's with matching skewers, road cassette and mech on gripshift, tensile cranks, V12 pedals and sketchy as f**k USE forks. Forks are disc mount however and front wheel isn't so will have to source some suitable replacements and get another magura to match. Or strip it and sell the sellable bits.... Ooorrrr ride it with a rear brake only like a hero
  10. Literally no idea on the spec but got hope skewers by the looks of things so hoping so
  11. Mate of mine just posted on FB giving away his old Adamant for nowt so I thought sod it! Gonna pick up tomorrow, should be interesting
  12. Just blagged this old beauty off a mate for the princely sum of free!
  13. I've been thinking of building one up myself recently, got a weird desire for a Hex. Looks tidy!
  14. Just spunked out on some carbon Renthals so might give these a go at the same time
  15. Nice Dave will have a look!