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  1. Thought they were the same just different axle and end caps
  2. Looks like the days of riding at Matlock Quarry are coming to an end!
  3. Just stick with a 128mm
  4. Yeah sounds like that, I've had to replace 3/4 door locks so far and used cheap copies off eBay for each. Ballache of a job but needs must
  5. The post on the right has got a big split all the way up now so gonna replace them both with 5" posts at the end of summer. Should be solid then......hopefully
  6. Had a change round with my pullup bar yesterday and swapped the hammerite coated steel one for a galvanised number and lowered it. So much comfier for holding and doesn't rip my hands to shreds (yet).
  7. What make/size/style you got dude? Get a pic up!
  8. Could also get away with MT2 or 4 running Jitsie pads
  9. I ran deore on 200mm icetech rotors on my 4play and they held really well!
  10. Don't think so, looks like maybe a 2011 model going off the stickers alone (so could be mistaken).
  11. Cheers, does the job for me. Tyres are wank though so the next job is new rubber and tubeless
  12. Yep, well worth the money in my eyes. Especially tax free!
  13. So, I ordered this in October's cyclescheme window and didn't get it until January. Only been out a few times on it and the only additions are a Brand X Ascend dropper and some DMR V6 pedals but I love it. 120mm travel is probably a bit low for you guys but it'll do me for round here, wouldn't want to spend much more considering how often I get out!
  14. Looking at selling my mk4 golf and going for something slightly bigger but not sure what to look for. Not got a huge budget (I reckon £2k tops) and my original idea was a van of some sort but need at least 5 seats for the family just in case. Basically I have a boot full of gym equipment (kettlebells, freestanding pull up bar, 3 sets of parallettes, etc....) and want room for all that and sticking my bike (trials and mountain) in. Current idea is Scooby Forester but wondered if anyone had any other suggestions?
  15. Jumped on my bike at the weekend and managed a ropey 3ft sidehop and a bike length gap Not bad considering it's (literally) been gathering dust for well over a year! Right, feeling like I need to scratch my moderator itch, anyone need banning?