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  1. I've been thinking of building one up myself recently, got a weird desire for a Hex. Looks tidy!
  2. Just spunked out on some carbon Renthals so might give these a go at the same time
  3. Nice Dave will have a look!
  4. Just wondered if anyone on here has used foam trials grips on their mtb and if so, how did/do you find them?
  5. I love how having not properly looked on here for years the good old T Pro is still going strong as the go to starter/budget bike build. Looks clean
  6. Even when I was more active on here they were like hens teeth to get hold of, does anyone still do a thick foam grip nowadays as all the thick options on Tarty seem to be out of stock?
  7. Der Kaiser for me, immense grip
  8. Actually managing to get out on my bike at least once a fortnight and having fun randomly exploring local trails rather than my standard loop. Jamis now got some new tyres after a year, high roller front and aggressor rear, pro 4 on the back and looking at some new bars. Need to do something with the front end as it's running 100mm qr and flexes like f**k and the current setup leaves my arms shaken to bits on long descents.
  9. Would probably be bolting through. I've got access to a magnetic industrial drill we've used for hanging 3m high shed doors at the farm I live on so that shouldn't be a problem. Thanks for the advice!
  10. To be a bit more descriptive here's two possibilities I mean, the first is using 2 end supports and 2 near the middle (the pink lines) and the second is using three supports along the length.
  11. My local gym has got a steel rig made by the previous owner which is huge. The new owner is looking at getting some pullup bars fitted to it going off my advice but I'm not sure if it is going to be doable in terms of strength. Could any engineer type folk advise if it would be possible to have a pullup bar (custom made) mounted where the yellow line is in the pic attached? It would obviously require braces above and below to hold it up but I'm not sure if a combination of the two (due to the shape of the rig) will be sufficient. The bar would be 33.7mm and could be split into 4/5 sections but would need to sit at least 600mm from the rig itself.
  12. You need a dedicated parts in a lift IG account
  13. Thought they were the same just different axle and end caps
  14. Looks like the days of riding at Matlock Quarry are coming to an end!