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  1. The start up costs held me back as buying a nucleus to get started is about £200-300 plus another £250 on a hive and £100+ on clothing/equipment. This will have cost me under £200 to get going so it's a winner!
  2. Really sorry to hear that mate as I know how much you loved that job! With your skills you'll get something sorted in no time though! If not I'm sure I can find use for a rent boy
  3. Was thinking of starting beekeeping a few years ago since we moved onto the in laws farm but never really went anywhere with it until this weekend when a mate was looking for a temp home for a swarm while he found new owners. Get a proper hive to move them into this weekend then I'm away!
  4. Stick a V on the rear, problem solved
  5. Top lever is the better of the two though a lot of people's personal preference is an 05 lever that is modified to prevent snapping. Pretty sure I've made a how to on the subject somewhere.... EDIT: Found it
  6. Tip for fitting the barbed fitting, dip the end of the hose in a mug of boiled water for 15-30 secs beforehand, clamp the hose with some small wooden blocks with a recess cutout to hold it then just hammer the fitting in. Can even dip that in some magura blood/mineral oil first for a bit of lubrication.
  7. They were a nightmare, I remember coming to my bike one morning and the tyre and tube had popped off the rim overnight
  8. No he's highly qualified, was a PT from back when you actually had to study hard for it! Easiest way to contact him is via his Facebook page at Can't shout his praises enough, massively knowledgeable and a top bloke.
  9. I've got a mate who can do sessions over Zoom, trains 100% calisthenics so well into the kind of things you've been doing and his knowledge is unbelievable. Will happily send his details over if you want, I literally won't go to anyone else.
  10. Not acupuncture but I've had needle therapy which is similar. What kind of issue have you got with it?
  11. Can't understand why they wouldn't fit as the forks state they can take a 26" wheel on Tartys. Have you got any pics??
  12. Took an extra link out and all seems to be well. Was f**king hard work to reconnect as the tensioner is so tight but I managed just..... Got some brand new 13+14t sprockets to try in future if its possible to remove the one fitted. Hopefully once the chain is bedded in I can fit the 13 without a tensioner.
  13. Who needs a gym
  14. I always found Heatsink Yellows on a smooth rim to be immense but the slightest bit of moisture from dew or a puddle and it's game over
  15. Will give that a try first