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  1. Can't figure it out, it's been flagged as a spammer in the system which should stop them from posting but they seem to be getting around the system like that Russian dick a few years ago
  2. I remember reading the build of that, inspired me to try to knock some weight off my 07 python. Changed my mind very shortly after when I realised I couldn't be arsed as I'd make a proper bodge of it
  3. Spoke to our insurance who said we'd be completely unaffected, being taken care of 100% by hers.
  4. Just been in a car accident in the wife's car. Nothing major but the girl who crashed into us has claimed full responsibility and got a message from her insurers saying they're covering everything. Not a great way to end the day but positive outcome!
  5. Hope Mono Trials probably
  6. He can't release this and expect us all to forget that monstrosity on the Cannondale
  7. I'd like to go back to the 90's when they had the UCI events together over a weekend so you had cross country, 4X, downhill and trials all at the same venue. I used to love watching on Eurosport and it was easily entertaining enough to get people interested.
  8. 13 minutes in he says there's something about trials that really lends itself to the media cause it really worked for mags, live shows and video yet I spoke to someone at British Cycling who told me they're not really that bothered about promoting it because its boring to watch and won't get any interest!
  9. Groin eruptions in a lift?
  10. Might even get some tears for each member I've banned
  11. Going for a full on back portrait of him like Steve-O off Jackass
  12. Having a tattoo as we speak, been a while since I've had one but feels good!
  13. Seated Zaskar trials frame would be immense though we all know its never gonna happen (for the general public anyway)