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  1. I remember @Ali C bringing his 26" "BMX" to a comp at Matlock and pretty much owning it....
  2. I think you should spearhead a post lockdown 24tour. Would also make excellent Vlogging material!
  3. Thought I'd just start a new thread for this, just got the replacement bars and stem fitted along with an XLC tensioner off Amazon so she's finished and rideable! Will have to swap the front pads at some point but other than that I love it! EDIT: Needs a new freewheel I think. Will have to dismantle the Tensile one fitted to double check but something is slipping and that's all I can think of....
  4. Anyone know a good alternative to a trialtech sprung tensioner? Need one for the new build but they're out of stock at Tartys and I don't want to pay £50+ to import one from Europe!
  5. Well you're a big lad so something like the Zoo 26 is a decent solid option. As for maguras front and rear not being good enough I'd say with decent pads and a grind they're excellent and will have no problem holding you! One thing though is the geometry will feel a million miles away from the frames of old and take a bit of getting used to!
  6. I did have a 90x35 stem to go on but it was 25.4mm clamp and the only bars I have to hand are some Truvativ Husselfelts from an old 4play I had. Plan is to source some TT high rise bars (I had some but gave them away) and another 90x35 stem. If I like how it rides eventually might go Pro 2 on the rear and some new rims but not desperate. And the ugly comment is off the welcome the frame got when it was first released, did not go down well
  7. It's 95% complete so here's a couple of pics of my Adamant 24. Build is as budget as possible so big thanks to aener, Mikee and Dan Chandler for sorting me out a few bits and especially little yoshi for the wheels/tyres! May be a few changes to be made yet but need to ride it first. Next job is chain + tensioner and possibly brakes but I'm not 100% sure yet
  8. Just got home and I still can't find it
  9. Brings bike build to work to dish rear wheel over and do a few small jobs. Forgets spoke key
  10. RJ

    Free was the first trials vid I ever saw (home made) which got me back into riding after 7/8 years
  11. Yeah that's the place! Few bits and pieces to play about on.
  12. Not much natural that I know of but the Torrs in New Mills is good for a play about. That's pretty much where I started years ago!
  13. Just don't run one
  14. I've found the Shimano stuff seems to be relatively cheap so people just run them till they break then buy new again, Hope people seem to be in it for life (or quite a while anyway). If I was in for an upgrade I'd be tempted by some Hopes
  15. Pashley for sure, the kinesis ones will be based on replacing suspension forks hence the massive size