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  1. Sorry, was browsing earlier and saw the term sperm count in the recent posts section so automatically clicked it as spam as there are quite few actual spam posts saying about sperm counts and the like. It's back now anyway!
  2. Anyone done it? Can't find much on the search and I'm struggling to find a (cheap) replacement front caliper for my Hope! Rotor is a 200mm standard Mono Trial if that makes a difference?
  3. My girlfriend and I were out in the car when we spotted an injured badger lying at the side of the road. It was cold but still alive so I suggested she put it between her legs to warm it up. She said "no it's wet and stinks" so I told her to hold it's nose so it doesn't suffer that as well.
  4. Just yes.....
  5. Feel like I want to strip the paint off everything I see now
  6. Says on the original Tribalzine review that they're designed for snail cams so no idea what that's for!
  7. Found a supplier with them in stock but shifter, mech and cassette are looking like £180. If you end up buying seperately I'd go for Sunrace MX3 11-46t cassette, any Shimano long cage 11spd mech and any 10spd shifter then probably a Raceface or Superstar narrow wide chainring
  8. That looks like a great deal and decent reviews. Wish I'd spotted it when I was building up the kids bikes!
  9. Can keep it relatively cheap with a long cage 11spd rear mech and 10spd cassette and shifter. Stick an 11/46 on the back with a 32 chainring and you're pretty much set for anything.
  10. Anyone been watching? I've never really watched any racing since the late 90's when Eurosport used to have XC, DH, 4X and trials over the weekend but I must say the course setup in Japan is pretty gnarly! Would love to have a track like that near me, self contained with a couple of drops, rock gardens and stuff!
  11. My dad used to swear by older motors. Bus company he worked for had a 405 for odd jobs on 255k, he had a 405 estate on 155k when he sold it and he moved onto a 205 with a 405 engine with 135k He bought a 60 plate Golf estate a couple of years ago and it's the first car he's bought with less than 100k on the clock in over 25 years!
  12. I used to file down the top of the top brake clamp so the booster sits flat on top of it and use shorter bolts. That was my bodge using a TNN booster and Echo clamps.
  13. Are the tuf guys steel?
  14. Thinking of knocking up an ultra budget jump bike for playing about on with my sons but I know f**k all about sizing and geo. Can anyone give me any info on what I should be looking for bearing in mind im 6'2"?
  15. Problem is the Premier League aren't interested in English Players. Out of a squad of 25 only 8 need to be "homegrown" which doesn't even mean English it just means they need to spend at least 3 years at an English club before they turn 21 (and they can be brought over when they turn 16). Of those 8 they don't have to field any so could potentially play a fully foreign squad. If you look at somewhere like Spain they have a rule that limits the number of non EU players in the squad to 5 and only 3 of those can be named in the team at any one time so more Spanish Nationals get to play.