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  1. Love how it goes from "needs to be a family wagon" straight into lowering it and sticking some wheels on
  2. Mate of mine did exactly the same but he heated it with a log burner made from a washing machine drum, works an absolute treat too!
  3. I remember getting my 2011 Fourplay and it felt really low compared to the mk1. Could be making it up but I'm sure they lifted it again when they re-jigged the geo for the 2012 revision? Given the choice I much preferred the higher BB on the mk1 hence why I was after that or a zoot last year (and ended up with the Adamant)
  4. So no chance of a throwback OBM video then?!
  5. Then this pops up on my photo's memory for the day
  6. This also, I don't even ride my 24 but since selling the 26 I feel there's a distinct trials shaped hole in my bike collection......again......
  7. My favourite commentary on the situation so far...
  8. Bad times when the kids bikes are almost better than yours
  9. Watching Sam Pilgrim vids on YouTube is making me want to build a cheap dirt jump hardtail up. Don't need more bikes.......
  10. Why is it when you think you've got everything you need to build a bike up there's always one pain in the arse bit you either haven't got or have lost! Building a rather tidy bike for my younger son and after forgetting the BB cups I also have mislaid the headset reducing crown race I had off my old bike
  11. Most round here now aren't even making it on to the market, lad at work has bren looking and he says he's lucky if they get even a day online before selling over the asking price. Glad I'm skint with zero outlook of ever owning otherwise I'd be really pissed off!
  12. Actually just noticed the report symbol does show on mobile but I've never seen it numbered like notifications and messages do
  13. Is there any way to get report notifications on the mobile skin as that's what I'm on most of the time and whilst I do pick up quite a bit of spam (usually after Mike has replied to them ) I never go through the reports. EDIT: Wahey 13,000th post, good times...
  14. It's the Holy Rollers, there was a batch knocking about that just didn't sit on rims because they're too baggy. I had a set on some Spank rims years back and they used to pop off overnight just sat never mind when riding. Only option is to replace the tyres really so if you already fancy contis then go with that!
  15. Funnily enough it was one of your vids I found on YouTube that got me back into trials years ago!