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  1. Welcome! Firstly the BB will be 68x128 most likely and I'm assuming square taper with it being Onza's budget bike (the general standard for trials is splined even though the rest of the bike world ditched it years ago!). If I'm honest I wouldn't bother upgrading the brakes, a well setup set of V's with decent pads (check out Tartybikes for a good selection) will be just as good as maguras and they tend to be a bit poorer when fitted with adapters for V mounts anyhow. Best practice would be to get the basics drilled and if you're sure you want to stick with it sell the bike and buy something with a better spec. The Onza Rip was always a budget beginners bike, no hydraulic brake mounts and a 20" rear wheel instead of the standard 19" so not really much point in spending too much on it other than to keep it rolling smoothly. If you decide to stick with a mod (20) then go for something with magura and/or disc mounts and a 19" rear wheel. Otherwise there's the 24" market (predominantly street trials based) or 26" (street trials or high BB seatless bikes) to move to.
  2. f**king sellers on ebay, just won a pair of wheels, tyres, disc rotors and cassette for £130 which were for one of my sons bikes. Paid instantly on PayPal then saw a message saying not to as his account wasn't working so I cancelled the purchase. Only realised now that he didn't get what he wanted for the wheels so came up with a bullshit excuse to get me to cancel it. Cünt
  3. Age categories confuse me, I might have a play as it's local but no idea what age I should be classing with
  4. Not saying rear disc isn't good just that a mini isn't powerful enough for the rear
  5. I wouldn't bother with a Mono mini on the rear, will be too under-powered anyway.
  6. Cycle 2 work scheme has actually paid off for once, pair of Pro 4 boost hubs and a mudhugger for my On One has just cost £142
  7. Hopefully watching this with the kids one night this week, not expecting greatness just entertainment!
  8. I don't think there's enough excitement to keep people entertained, might just be the current setting though so I'm intrigued to see if it improves next time
  9. Right, who's watching?
  10. Finally managed to get hold of a rim for my 24 that will take a rim brake at a great price, only been nearly 8 months. Now I just need to find a front to match because I'm a tart
  11. Anyone got any experience with handlebar mounts for your phone? I've had a couple that clip them in like car mounts but they were a bit big and bulky, just after something that absorbs a bit of shock and isn't too big?
  12. Pro 2, either trials or regular
  13. Nope afraid with 4 bolt there's no other choice!
  14. Yeah it's down to the length of them, I've always used Hermes for bars
  15. Pretty much solves where I find it went downhill