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  1. That feels like it needs to be in this
  2. Should have stuck a V on the back then it would have been perfect
  3. Nice, what gearing you running?
  4. Not today but found my old hard drive with some random clips from when I built my Heavy Tools back up in 2010
  5. Thought I'd start this up like the picture of todays riding thread. Rules are that the clip can be no longer than 30 secs long and preferably 1 continuous clip, not a mini edited video! I'll start, on nights last night and went out with my 2 yr old son down the road this morning so he could have a quick play in an old car park. Just so you know this is pretty good for me, reckon I can go quite a big bigger as well now!
  6. My 10yr old been getting his Colin Furze on again with this which he finished on Friday. Next project we're thinking of doing a drift trike, just need to source a pit bike engine.
  7. Yeah my mum lives on one of the western isles (Tiree) and I'm pretty sure they're getting close to there being more holiday home owners than actual islanders now which is great for the Summer season for pubs and events like the music festival and wave classic but the rest of the year the island is just dead. It's forcing people to move away to the mainland which in turn is killing the island as there are less and less farmers and skilled workers living there now which again puts prices of everything up.
  8. A lad I went to school with moved to London for about 10 years but moved back recently and said it was like winning the lottery coming back cause everything was so cheap. Sold there flat and bought a 3 bed with great spec with change left.
  9. So after going into winter with my bees in a pretty bad way (re-queened in September so colony was barely half what it should have been and I didn't fit any insulation until late November) I've just checked on them and they're still alive! I didn't think they'd survive the cold snap with such small numbers but with a mild day today there are a few undertaker bee's bringing the dead out of the hive and some foragers out and about. Absolute result!
  10. Been going through (most of) this with the kids and I had to get it bumped up!
  11. And God said unto John "Come forth and you shall be granted eternal life" But John came fifth and instead won a toaster.
  12. These are the ones I used to have, very different to the current ones they sell. Worth a look on ebay for a used pair!
  13. Not sure what the reviews say but I'd go with sixsixone
  14. Anyone recommend a website for cheap laptops?
  15. Yes until the cheapest pair I could find were £70+
  16. Is this not the same as the Adamant 24 like I have just with a disc mount? Seeing how I'm struggling to get a pair of rim brake compatible 24" rims I wish I'd found one myself!
  17. Well, decided to have a quick look at the spec of this laptop just to compare if I bought another as it's a while since I had this built and got quite a surprise. Already running an i5 processor, 8gb RAM and 250gb SSD. Confused me as certain apps like the GoPro video editor and stuff like Minecraft run like a bag of shit! I think I need to get the hinge replaced and have the fan cleaned and new heatsink paste fitted to cool it down, probably do a clean Windows install as well. So, I'm not gonna bother with a new laptop but does anyone have any experience with Chromebooks? Something that will run MS Office with a keyboard should keep the eldest busy.
  18. Birthday on Sunday and people keep asking what I want. Keep saying to family not to buy me anything as I don't want/need anything and it's a waste of money buying something for the sake of it but apparently this makes me ungrateful and miserable...
  19. Sadly it's the screen that's the problem, one of the hinges completely seized up and now won't move at all
  20. Yeah that's almost identical to the one we currently have which is about to die but a lot better spec so will mean I have a spare charger and dvd drive I can install. Cheers lads!
  21. Mainly need something for kids to do schoolwork on at the moment. Budget is preferably under £400 as overtime is sparse currently so I am skint!
  22. Does that mean Sheryl is available now then?
  23. I never took the rear wheel out my Rockman if I could help it as setting it back up was a right pain in the arse. Vertical dropouts all the way, even better when the chainstay length and gear ratio are synced up.
  24. Perfect for running a boost rear hub on then!