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Breath YES 26 ultralight build progress thread


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This is my new project after riding my SKY 2 for 2 years. I wanted a light bike to get a bit more from my riding. Here is the progress so far.

All I am waiting for is my frame now. It will be a Breath YES 26" 2013 (1085; +65; 380; 72°).


Rear Wheel:
Rockman Splined 116 mm rear hub with 15 teeth sprocket and titanium bolts.
Sapim spokes with aluminium nipples
Rockman single wall rim
V!Z yellow rim tape
Continental Rubber Queen 2,4" tire with Black Chili compound
Michelin CNC valve cap


Front Wheel:
Prototype 100mm front hub with titanium bolts
Sapim spokes with aluminium nipples
Trialtech SL front rim
V!Z yellow rim tape
Kenda Karma 2,10" tire with Stick-E compound
Michelin CNC valve cap



Magura 2005 complete brakes with Try-All CNC TPA, Racing Line CNC piston, 4-fingers lever, titanium pivot and clamp bolts.


Trialtech SL handlebars in Rockman 3D stem with Monty top cap.
Try-All Elite 170 mm cranks with Echo SL freewheel, Trialtech titanium halfbash and Try-All pedals.
Jitsie stem protection.
Try-All V2 2013 carbon forks.
Trialtech Sport Light ISIS bottom bracket with Try-All aluminium bolts.
KMC Z610HX 3/32" chain.
Trialtech pads.
Try-ALL CNC 4-bolts brake clamps with titanium bolts.
Try-All 2013 chainstay protector.

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