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  1. link? EDIT: found it!
  2. Nice to see Damon is still riding and still so good (if not better). Very nice vid.
  3. Indeed!
  4. Always loved these frames. Nice build
  5. That wasn't a wall
  6. This sounds like old times. I wasn't even riding when these frames were around. Nice memories anyway.
  7. I didn't know Tarty posted anything about it, so maybe I shouldn't have posted here. Anyway it's nice to meet someone who met him. I can only say he must have been a great passionated lad seeing all he dedicated to share his knowledge of this sport.
  8. Awesome. Thanks for this. I miss riding with others so much!
  9. One of my friend tried it in the past. He was really powerful and riding his bike pretty much like a motorbike tapping everything with his front wheel and getting crazy height. It made him better for a while but then he started to struggle with his pedaling and getting acceleration. The hardest part was getting back to a normal 15T but he never looked back. He doesn't ride anymore though as he can't feel his legs anymore due to an accident.
  10. This was tried years ago on the American forum. It didn't work as well as a grind because the edges weren't as rough as what you would get with a grind. It provides excellent hold but not so good bite. EDIT: actually this might be the article from the past
  11. Added a spacer on both sides of the cranks at the pedal thread. Had a ride this morning and everything seems to be perfect now. Thanks everyone.
  12. Yes, it happened mid-February. I kind of felt guilty not knowing about it and thought I might have missed the news here but couldn't find any thread about this so... I read he was ill apparently. It is indeed shocking!
  13. I know this is old news and I haven't seen any other topic about it but I was really shocked this morning when I found out he passed away. He created Trashzen and also wrote a book about trials techniques. He was really passionated and took a lot of his time to try make this sport more easy for beginners. I have used his site a lot when I started and it helped a ton. It's crazy to think this guy is gone. RIP.
  14. Thanks for this. I will try to find a washer then!
  15. Ok, so got mine repaired in Decathlon, which is a huge multisport store. Cost me 19 euros and seems they used the pedal inserts Alex Dark talked about. Really pleased with this.