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  1. Beast!
  2. That is an amazing place to ride. Great riding from both of you! What shoes is Adam riding?
  3. That guy is most probably the person who influenced my riding the most of all riders. I have watched his videos over and over again with a lot of passion. Now I don't ride 26 anymore but he still influences my riding style and what I ride as riding ground. Have a nice time with your future projects and thank you.
  4. Looks amazing anyway!
  5. Very nice build. What do you think of carbon rims? How does it feel? Shame about all these things you have gone through to build the bike. Seems TMS still don't know how to build frames...
  6. Very nice build as always.
  7. Nice moves and great precision
  8. I would only recommend Hope. I have tried several brand and models and none have convinced me as well as the Hope Tech Trial. But that's my opinion of course.
  9. Definitely some incompatibility there with the chain and sprocket I think.
  10. And most importantly, how much weight was saved in the operation?
  11. Now that is interesting. Never seen a rotor break that way. I have bent a few but never imagined this could happen...
  12. I used Trialtech foams in the past and now I use bar tape. I definitely recommend trying that if you don't get convinced by these grips.
  13. I agree.
  14. You have a point there. But the way bikes were doesn't define how people ride it. Back in the day, people ride pure trials on these, now it's much more streetier with rotations, etc... And I am not keen on that