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  1. I was just talking about the time factor. I mean that forums were here before Facebook and you don’t need to be subscribed to read them. But as for the rest, I know you are right, I never said you were not.
  2. I am sure it has helped. But not always in the right way as it has become more and more a niche in a way. Because you need to be on these social medias and follow the right pages/person to access all these things. But the forums which are more convenient and easier to access have suffered from the lack of interest and participation in the same time. I don’t want to use Facebook anymore as I don’t desperately want things to be as they were before. I guess progress and evolution is something you can’t stop so that just makes things what they are... That’s a shame. Especially as I don’t really enjoy competition’s trials... Keep us updated in the future.
  3. Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing fine, I am looking for reviews on the Ozonys Curve V8 frame. I am really tempted to get one but I don’t really trust Ozonys after seeing so many frames and parts break. But I have never owned one and they maybe made that frame very well so I am only looking for people who own one or who know someone who does to give me feedback. Thank you
  4. Might think about that then. Thanks still looking for advices
  5. Seriously? This is crazy, it looked like a crazy good event! Always loved watching videos of it afterwards. Seems trials is really dying now!
  6. Hi everyone! I have had numerous issues with my Hope Trial Zone brake. I have tried nearly everything such as bleeding, setting it differently, changing pads and disc but it still has a very inconsistent behaviour and weird lever feel. I am now considering buying two new caliper pistons and and the seal kits for the lever and caliper as well as a complete brake hose. What do you think about this? Would it solve the problem or could the brake have some structural issues? Is it difficult to change all these parts? Also how do you set your Hope Tech 3 lever? I can’t get it to feel as I want it to be, I like long reach but with a bite point near the lever. Thank you very much for your advices
  7. Wrong section sorry.
  8. Nah, I don’t want Facebook at all.
  9. I don’t have Facebook or any social media like Instagram or anything and that makes me feel trials is even more dead...
  10. Couldn’t say it better
  11. I don’t know as it would have been better in my opinion to get to an « official » event for a first. Meaning there would be some products exposed and some special events and timing involved. I will keep training to come and enjoy it better next year.
  12. That could be a very good idea yes! Just needs to get the right material but I would be tempted to try it!
  13. It definitely needs some tapered forks
  14. I would go for the Varial as it has a more modern geometry. That would be the only thing between both frames for me.