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  1. That was seriously amazing. Doubt I can’t even make half a third of it in my life with a pure trials bike. Does anyone know where this was filmed? Could be an amazing place to ride trials!
  2. Pretty impressive riding. You really have improved. Where was this filmed by the way? It somehow feels familiar...
  3. That is true. I apologize!
  4. Not nice from me to say but fortunately work didn’t let me have a day off so glad I didn’t come for nothing. I really feel trials is dead now as your British organised trials rides are legendary for me, and as fewer people are now attending them.
  5. No problem!
  6. Removed all the decals and decorations with acetone then used a caustic acid bath to remove the anodizing.
  7. That would be useless I think.
  8. Nice project! Another thread to follow
  9. Repost
  10. I wanted to ask that also.
  11. Great video with no music with a chilled vibe. Both 20” and 26” bikes for the win.
  12. That guy’s edits have always been awesome. And they are getting better and better. I have to check that one.
  13. In competitions in France you see some people who zip-tie their valve to the nearer spoke on the right and to the nearer spoke on the left with two different zip-ties. It’s highly unesthetic but it’s pretty efficient.
  14. Might see if I can come. I need a few days off as I would really like to attend to one of these organised rides.
  15. I don’t have Facebook. Is this a street trials ride or may any bike come?