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  1. That guy has unplugged his brain. So much confidence!
  2. What exactly have you changed on it? Thanks
  3. But even Abel who designed it that way said it was a mistake... There were loads of stripped threads reports.
  4. Nice riding. And nice song. You really progressed a lot
  5. Exactly how I feel!
  6. at 6:35? I agree!
  7. I wish I had a place like that to ride!
  8. I wish I had a place like that to ride!
  9. That is a very nice looking bike! Looks like the perfect all round bike!
  10. link? EDIT: found it!
  11. Nice to see Damon is still riding and still so good (if not better). Very nice vid.
  12. Indeed!
  13. Always loved these frames. Nice build
  14. That wasn't a wall
  15. This sounds like old times. I wasn't even riding when these frames were around. Nice memories anyway.