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  1. Nice. Glad you like it!
  2. Insane
  3. Impressive! And smooth, as always!
  4. I have the WAW stem but it’s far too low for my taste on a 20". I have the 155 mm one and honestly it’s not good for that bike without many spacers. As you know I had these breath black and white bars on my previous Jealousy. I loved them but with the 150x30 stem. Otherwise it would be way too low for my liking. I struggled to get used to my WAW actual bars but now I don’t see myself riding anything else.
  5. Don’t worry. They sell really well. How can one get a Maestro frame though?
  6. Raw it
  7. Just rawed my latest Jealousy. Did it with much patience and haven’t finished as I want it to be as good looking as it can. Will post pictures later.
  8. The sound of tires that fold or the freewheel clicking is what I listen to. No need for some stereo or these Bluetooth speakers when I ride my bicycle
  9. Fortunately!
  10. That was very good footage. Looks like trials is not dead after all.
  11. Nice little spot! I seem to remember it was featured in one of Hegedus’ video (the tsunami ride one), is it the same place?
  12. That looks like something really good. Just don’t use too much slow-mo please!
  13. I agree he looks good but he was one of these few riders who really suited 20" riding imo.
  14. Why is Nymann riding stock now? What a waste