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  1. You are all so lucky to have someone to ride with. I have ridden alone for the last 6 years now. And I miss having a friend to ride with...
  2. About 7.9 kilos. Lightest bike I have ever owned
  3. Now you said it, maybe the tapered headset is what makes the bike feel so rigid. I thought about it and maybe I oversold them but the real advantage of these through axle is that the wheel always gets in the same spot when you get it out and in again. That's a huge advantage for disc brakes indeed as the braking surface is always the same that way.
  4. I can honestly say I felt the difference straight away when riding my first Crewkerz bike which was a Cleep 2. Now it's even more obvious with the Ozonys Curve 2020 as it doesn't use the AS30 crankset. So using ISIS, you can feel that the BB is less stiff than with an AS30 and that the wheels are really not a flexing area. Another difference is that the hubs spin way more freely. Hopefully I got the BB24 crankset from Bonz which makes it way better!
  5. Got a new bike
  6. My new Ozonys Curve 2020. They are made by Crewkerz now. Might change for a 150x35 stem if I don't manage to get on with this setup. The bike is 5 mm shorter than my Jealousy so I need to get used to it.
  7. Well that was amazing. Very very creative and funny!
  8. This is my favourite trials video: i would watch it anytime and not only before riding
  9. That is something I had never taken into account. Seems the new Hope brake lever is best then...
  10. I own both of these brakes and have actually two of each. I just wanted to know if there was any general consensus abouth which brake of the two was actually the best. I know about the differences about each but thanks for making them stand out more. Especially about the lever play developping on the TZ. That is indeed something to remember.
  11. Thanks a lot. I will have to try that method since it seems to work great.
  12. I need some kind of bleed kit for this. I only have a tiny hose and a syringe so...
  13. Hi, I am wanting to use an old Trial Zone disc brake on my mod. I have a feeling it will give better braking performance than the EVO 3 I have used until now, but maybe I am wrong. So is the Trial Zone better than the EVO3 lever? What do people think? Also I have to bleed it and I have seen a ton of topics about it but no topic stated clearly what method works best for bleeding these. I usually just bleed it from the caliper to lever using a syringe full of DOT 5.1 and connecting it to the bleed port on the caliper. Then I open the lever oil tank and watch for all the air bubbles to go out. Once it's full I just close the tank and call it a day. Is that the best way? Or is there another method that works better? Cheers
  14. The price is definitely a selling point on these bikes. Especially with the great equipment they come with. It's more technically that I feel kind of unsure about these bikes. No easy freewheel swap when it dies, snail cams with a disc brake meaning the disc will never get to the exact same point when getting the rear wheel out, no other forks to use if it breaks is something I can't live with. That is really a shame as I really dig the look of their most recent Race bike. But I really like the look of the Curve frames too. But I would have to change the cranks and BB to a BB24 crankset from Bonz or the Hashtagg one. That's a lot of money and that is the problem. Jitsie is so cheap but there are things I can't change...
  15. You are lucky to be able to witness that kind of sorcery.