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  1. I love the picture of all the titanium at the front disc brake with these tiny purple flowers behind. Like there isn't enough titanium in this pic, you're trying to figure what's purple behind...
  2. I have been a total jerk to you and others about the fact that what you did was not trials related for me. I don't know if it's because I got older or wiser in a way but I regret it. This is stellar. Most of these I wouldn't even try with brakes... Just keep at it, you're great!
  3. Just discovered that guy some weeks ago. Pretty insane. Enjoy!
  4. They are the best indeed!
  5. I know. But I have been riding alone for more than 5 years now. I am trying to ride once a week but slowly the will to go and take the bike is disappearing. I still love riding and it still brings the best feeling but I have less and less the will to go and ride.
  6. Rockman is more or less made of cheese. Forget them!
  7. Riding alone sucks.
  8. That guy has unplugged his brain. So much confidence!
  9. What exactly have you changed on it? Thanks
  10. But even Abel who designed it that way said it was a mistake... There were loads of stripped threads reports.
  11. Nice riding. And nice song. You really progressed a lot
  12. Exactly how I feel!
  13. at 6:35? I agree!
  14. I wish I had a place like that to ride!