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  1. It was a Try-All K2 stem with a Clean sticker I made out of covering film. It broke, second one I actually break. They are shit!
  2. Indeed, didn’t see that. Sorry
  3. I think he is talking about the trials motorbike in the second picture! They have been around for some time now though.
  4. I can’t say how impressed to see that Leskó József is still riding at such high standards! 9 pallets sidehop is not even something I see myself do once. That video was really cool and not only because Audioslave is a great band. Thank you for this edit!
  5. I hope I will never have to experience that fear of riding after surgery but well done for having it done!
  6. Rode one for 10 years, and I much prefer 20" riding.
  7. Sorry for anyone who doesn’t like 20" riding but it’s what makes me feel alive more than anything. I just wanted to share this video with you all. The rider is a beast I had never heard of before but Adrian Biel (who made the video) keeps releasing videos that get even better with time and this one is particularly inspiring. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did. Have fun
  8. I don’t get what you mean? Don’t you like mod?
  9. No thanks I honestly don’t feel the need for anything about social media.
  10. Nice. I remember when Joan Figueiras rode that place. Everything still looks so big. Well done
  11. So you are now riding 26"? You look pretty good on that!
  12. That was seriously amazing. It’s like the guy was born on a bicycle. So many famous people talking about him and about his riding, that is serious credit.
  13. It is indeed a special geometry. Vincent Hermance wanted to get a 26" feel on a 20" when he decided to try a full season riding 20".
  14. That’s an unusual bike. I have seen so few of them. That is a very nice bike anyway. Congratulations.
  15. Great music choice for Guillermo Marin . An awesome video that also reminds me of Akkrigg’s riding.