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  1. Great riding but this vlog trend is something I don’t understand. I always skip all the speaking as it adds nothing in my opinion. I may be all fashioned but I prefer the « old » kind of riding video.
  2. Haha thanks, I just don’t enjoy these vlogs as much as I enjoy more « traditional » videos. The speaking doesn’t add anything in my opinion.
  3. Also stop
  4. Stop
  5. Please don’t.
  6. I would trust echo over Hashtagg any day... they are only « good » at communication, that’s all...
  7. Lol
  8. FTFY
  9. Nice. Glad you like it!
  10. Insane
  11. Impressive! And smooth, as always!
  12. I have the WAW stem but it’s far too low for my taste on a 20". I have the 155 mm one and honestly it’s not good for that bike without many spacers. As you know I had these breath black and white bars on my previous Jealousy. I loved them but with the 150x30 stem. Otherwise it would be way too low for my liking. I struggled to get used to my WAW actual bars but now I don’t see myself riding anything else.
  13. Don’t worry. They sell really well. How can one get a Maestro frame though?
  14. Raw it