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Alternatives to magura hose


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I want some clear hose for my brakes, because I think seeing the fluid would be cool. looking around at various industrial hoses and pipes I think I've found a few suppliers that are soooo cheap compared to propper maggy stuff (that's not expensive, but is still near twice the price). My only problem is that I don't know the composition of the plastic, obviously it needs to perform in the same way. Does anyone know what it is?


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Sorry, I read your post wrong, I thought you were saying it needs to be 3mm.

http://www.airlines-pneumatics.co.uk/product.asp?ProductCode=S080001&prod= I could buy 30 metres of 2.5 from here, not that I want that much, but it was the only tab I had open with nylon stockists. Is this the right stuff? (On that page somwhere)

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Ahh, I'm not giving up though :)

Without having a chance to look for the right sized hose yet another idea occured to me, what about a smaller olive to suit the smaller diamiter hose? Or is it the burst pressure of the thicker wall on the maggie stuff thats the problem? know what that is btw?

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