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mr ailsbury

Computer monitors for video editing

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Hey guys,

I need two 24 inch IPS monitors with a decent gtg response time (5ms or less) and accurate colours clean whites and blacks,16x9 1080i/p. They'll be used mainly for video editing/photo editing work (Adobe CC) but i'd also like them to be able to handle games like starcraft 2 and call of duty, plug my xbox one into, netflix etc (I've not really got the space to keep my TV once they're in my room) I've got about £200 to spend per monitor. (maybe a little more if it's really worth it.)

I'm asking on here because i've been using apple stuff for the last 7 years so i've got no experience with normal PC monitors and the more research I do, the more stuck I get, and I know a lot of you guys edit and play PC games and stuff so thought maybe you could push me in the right direction. I was looking at Asus monitors mostly because their pro-art series is supposed to be really good but all the reviews have people moaning that they have a lot of problems with light bleeding from the edges... anyway, any help would be really appreciated!


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