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  1. Filmed in 2004/2005.
  2. Not sure about competitions, but Radical Bikes near Chelmsford is an absolutely sick place to go and ride, they have events and stuff on there in the summer too
  3. Man that was so bad. Nowhere near the usual standard.
  4. They spawn and everyone can get them, but they don't hang around for too long before they dissapear which is why everyone rushes over. The real fun will be when they release the legendary Pokemon like Mewtwo, they're probably going to be MMO style raid battles where everyone has to go to an event and try to beat the pokemon as a huge group against a timer to be able to claim it
  5. Absolutely love it, walked about 80-90km in the 5 days i've had it, met TONNES of people and made some new friends. Outside the council offices there are 4 pokestops all next to eachother, on friday night there was about 60 of us all chilling, chatting and playing the game and having fun. I was a huge Pokemon fan when it very first came out and played all the game since, every pokemon from the 90's dreamed about playing the game like this and now we can
  6. Nothings a waste of time if you have fun doing it.
  7. I would recommend building like a 12tb raid drive that can just sit near the computer full time for backups, or work out a way of sending stuff to it wirelessly and stick it somewhere else. On the backup drive create a Rushes folder and a completed projects folder. Rushes folder. As soon as she gets in from a shoot, card in the reader, copy the whole file structure to the back up drive/raid into a clearly dated/named folder without doing anything to it at all (the Dcim folder and misc folder), put the dcim/miscs into card 1, card 2 etc sub folders to keep them organised. e.g. Trials Forum party 22_12_14 > Card 1 > DCIM/MISC folders. Seperate by camera too if she's using a couple of different bodies. then copy the whole thing onto your working drive and put them through lightroom, create an OUT folder within the working folder for all finished exports. Once all your work is done copy the whole thing back onto the Raid into the Completed Projects folder. Then once every 6 months you can empty your Raid backup off onto a different hard drive and stick it somewhere for storage and start the process again with a clean drive. Thats how we do it at the office I work at, but our backup drive is like an 800tb network storage thing cause we go through huge amounts of space with video work. Its a good system though if you just downsize it to work with your mum in laws needs. It's good to keep the original files in case anything major needs to be changed after completion, and its good to have the completed work to hand because clients are super happy if you can just say yep hear you go and send stuff to them straight away.
  8. Re-mastered version of Abes Oddysee is out on the PS4, it's called 'Abes Oddysee New 'n' Tasty'
  9. You should all check out this PC classic. Still one of my favourite games ever, can't wait for the re-release.
  10. shit totally forgot to mention the battery pack thing. Definitely worth getting one!
  11. At work they've got GoPro Hero 3 Black editions and i've got a Go Pro Hero 3+ black edition, the jump between the models has been pretty big from my experience, in both image quality and general functionality, i'd strongly recommend going for the top model (black edition) for the extra features, the wifi connection to use your phone as a monitor is an absolute life saver, I use it every time I use the camera, having that ability means you don't have to do whatever dangerous thing you're doing twice because the first camera angle was messed up because you couldn't check the shot, and avoids the major disappointment of having to wait until you get home to find out the shot is crap. It also allows you to review footage after and send clips directly to your phone so you can do quick edits and upload to instagram, youtube etc on the fly. Getting the black model also future-proofs it to some extent. There's nothing that the GoPro 4 can offer me besides a big improvement in low light quality that would make me jump to upgrade any time soon. I use mine for filming trials, and also as an extra camera for gigs and studio video shoots. -Here's a video I shot with it as the extra camera (wide shot is a canon 7d, face close up is a Canon 5d Mk3 and the guitar close up is the Go Pro 3+ for image comparison.) Also a good argument for the wifi function, I was monitoring the gopro on my phone whilst operating the 5d from across the room, saved loads of hassle. - This card is an absolute must as well, the Go Pro shoots MP4 files which are relatively small so this lasts forever. I reckon 2 or 3 of those would cover all your needs for a week holiday, maybe more without having to empty them. Battery-wise, the gopro battery is good enough, but not for a full days shoot, you'll need 2 or 3 realistically for a full days riding, especially with the wifi turned on. The Go Pro backpack has been pretty useless from my experience, unless you're shooting a timelapse where you can't break to change battery, they're £50 each and normal batteries are about £20, much much better to invest in 2 of those than a backpack. Hope that's been helpful!
  12. Most of the time when i'm at a park, first on the pedals is the person that's up next, if you're waiting for your turn, be aware of everyone else waiting and if you see someone who's obviously ready to push off as soon as the person before them is finished, let them go, always keeps things running smoothly. Be aware that 99% of roller bladers will go out of their way to shove in front of you and if they're part way through a line and you get in their way, theres no way in hell they'll stop for you and you'll probably end up with a boot/badly rolled spliff in your face. When I was little, being just chilled out and chatting to the bigger guys usually helped (normal convo not harrassing them to do tailwhips for you like a trained monkey). I always found that the higher the skill level the sounder the guys are and if you can prove you know some sort of park etiquette most of them will be nice to you/encourage you etc. Don't leave 300,000 empty cans of monster on the park/half full ones that get knocked over and make everything rank and sticky. thats one i've been seeing a lot of lately. If you bring your girlfriend to the park, supervise her and make sure she stays out of the way. Especially if she brings her mates with her. Be assertive and make it obvious that you're waiting for a turn, if you just pussy out and stand back you'll never get a run in, mostly because people won't know you're actually waiting to go and they'll get mad at you for pushing in if you appear at the edge of the ramp out of nowhere. If I ever see anyone looking a bit nervous I try to let them go first or give them a bit of encouragement, most people won't do that though.
  13. Hey guys, I need two 24 inch IPS monitors with a decent gtg response time (5ms or less) and accurate colours clean whites and blacks,16x9 1080i/p. They'll be used mainly for video editing/photo editing work (Adobe CC) but i'd also like them to be able to handle games like starcraft 2 and call of duty, plug my xbox one into, netflix etc (I've not really got the space to keep my TV once they're in my room) I've got about £200 to spend per monitor. (maybe a little more if it's really worth it.) I'm asking on here because i've been using apple stuff for the last 7 years so i've got no experience with normal PC monitors and the more research I do, the more stuck I get, and I know a lot of you guys edit and play PC games and stuff so thought maybe you could push me in the right direction. I was looking at Asus monitors mostly because their pro-art series is supposed to be really good but all the reviews have people moaning that they have a lot of problems with light bleeding from the edges... anyway, any help would be really appreciated! ta
  14. Get up, check to see if i've broken anything on my bike, then get back on and ride the pain off. Except for when I busted my knee, then my face just went like ghost white and nearly passed out haha.
  15. It's nice to see different, imaginative editing, though there needed to be way more riding. To me the style was kind of like a mixture between an episode of Misfits/other east london based teen dramas and a kids snack advert lol. The biggest thing that held it back was the awful soundtrack though, different music would have made all the difference. I was pretty gutted that 'Take On Me' didn't start playing when his hand started changing Saying that, its very well shot and cut and I really love the fact they aimed for Redbull budget production quality on probably a very tight budget.