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Sam Song

Echo 26 Restored.

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Haven't been getting a lot of riding done, since I completely snapped my right ACL this July. It sucks big time, but I will be fine.
I am waiting to get the surgery done, but I decided to have my bike built anyways since I cracked my old 09 Zoo Piranha.

This is a 07 Echo Control short frame that I got when I was 16, 7 years ago. I decided to go back to my first ever trials frame for the sake of nostalgia smile.gif.

This is the frame that I learned how to trackstand, rear wheel hop, pedal kick, and so many things. And it does take me back to my younger years, when I had more free time, and when I had no worries other than riding bikes.

I did take her for a ride for the first time today, obviously not doing any power moves. I rolled my bar back for a full street feel since it is a low bb, short wheelbase frame anyways. Hahaha.
Definitely, harder to ride on than my old 09 Zoo Piranha long, but I am sure I will get used to it. It does bunnyhop quite well. I am still scared to have some speed on a trials bike.

In the end, I will have to adjust my riding style from the rear wheel TGS style moves to the low risk balance lines until I fully recover from my injuries. It sucks, but I am just glad that I can go out on a trials bike.

This bike reminds me of my younger years. And unfortunately, my skill level has also gone to my high school years. momaru.gif

Haven't weighed it yet, but it does not matter much since the parts on it are already pretty light. I am expecting around 21 to 22 pounds.









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Nice, good frames those. Looks like a fun set up.

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Looks like it would be fun to ride. Hope you make a speedy recovery!

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