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  1. I’ve always ridden 26” in the past, but this is the most fun I’ve had on a bike in a long time!
  2. Hi guys. Not a new member, but haven’t used the forum properly for quite some years so thought I’d say hello again. I’m Stu and I’m from Warrington. Have been mainly mountain biking over the past few years, but have built a trials bike up again and I’m hoping to get out on it quite a bit. Nobody I know still rides, so they’ll be solo rides, but I’m looking forward to getting back into it!
  3. Wanted a trials bike that was a bit more fun to cruise around on, maybe go to the local skatepark etc. Frame has been sat in the loft for 12+ years, so thought I’d build it back up. Excited to get out on it!
  4. Fancied trying something a bit longer than my short Control, so got this frame on eBay. The longer wheelbase and slightly higher bb feels a bit funny at the minute, but I've only had a quick ride on it in the garden up to now. I'll be sorting out the bolt on the topcap when I can.
  5. On One 456 Carbon and a Sab Classico
  6. Dusted the old trials bike off the other day after not using it for a while. Took it to Lee Quarry yesterday and had some good fun. Hoping to get back into it!
  7. Looks like it would be fun to ride. Hope you make a speedy recovery!
  8. Uploaded for Davetrials......... WTUK Vid 1 with Davetrials and Sexymike from a couple of years back. Oldschool trials 4tw Linky -> Sorry about the eengoedidee link, I'll try n' get it on tvisg or whatever it is soon
  9. The Bourne Identity/Supremecy etc are pretty decent, quite a bit different from the films too.....
  10. Paramore - Emergency Top stuff
  11. I thought that was called a boon? I might be wrong.... Or that might be what he means....
  12. That looks bloody lovely !
  13. Pretty good little vid there Red jumpsuit apparatus are ace too
  14. this thread makes me sad i really want a bmx nowww
  15. Looks pretty cool Maybe if you did the bars white too it would look it a bit better though
  16. Exit Ten
  17. beast
  18. He has though, fair enough it's only his opinion, but it is based on something
  19. Msn

    aaaah you mean borrowers
  20. Looks really nice does that, nice one
  21. Has the mount been faced? That might help.
  22. Yep it does, but they don't exist........which is why people use front freewheels
  23. 48 i think
  24. Isn't that what you already have? I'm confused.......
  25. Yeh our uni's a part of this, just downloading my copy of it now. I don't really know that much about it though, what's the difference between the business version and the others? and is it actually worth me installing it? Thanking you in advance