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  1. Ah that looks super nice! And if you can’t be bothered doing another lever, the front lever upside down is more than accepted in the world of trials haha
  2. Seems your riding looks good on any bike. Nice to see some taps!
  3. The older BB7s are silver and the newer ones are a darker colour. I’ve had both and the older ones feel a lot more solid. The newer ones seem to flex quite a bit. The mtb and road versions pull a different amount of cable, so definitely go for the mtb version. I’d get the older silver ones if you can get hold of them!
  4. Always enjoyed Stan’s style of riding. Birchwood Business Park is my local spot, I’m there nearly every week. It’s good to see a video of all the lines I’ll never be able to do...
  5. Bloody hell, you’re right! Took a while to make my eyes see it haha. Yeah I’m saying it’s a T Rex as well then...
  6. Just replied to your other post before I saw this. Yeah it’s a fun bike to play around on, but super short. The frame has been retired to the loft again though I’m afraid, and replaced with a Planet X Zebdi frame. Here’s a photo of what it looked like before the swap though
  7. I don’t think it’s a T-Rex or the original Zoot as it just has one ‘seat tube’ and they had a funny configuration of three. Also don’t think they had a cut out on the headtube. No idea what it actually is though sorry... Looks like a 26” frame, with a low bottom bracket. I’d say this would be better than an Identiti Judge though, especially at your height. I’ve got one of those frames in the loft and it’s super short for me - I’m only around 6’2”
  8. Is the wheel definitely straight in the dropouts? I feel like there should be enough space for those tyres. Should be able to help a bit more if you can post some photos?
  9. Love it! I feel like the bars should be rolled back a fair bit though to make it truly authentic...
  10. I remember these being super light and flicky. Nice blast from the past!
  11. No idea what the geo was like, and I’m pretty sure they used to crack around the top/downtube gusset, but I always had a thing for the Rocket Fab frame. Couldn’t find a decent picture of one built up, sorry!
  12. Switzerland squeaker gap at 0:33! Loved the video as always
  13. Love it! Think you could probably take a couple of links out of that chain though?
  14. I’ve wanted one of these frames since I was about 14 and I managed to get one on eBay the other week. 32yr old me is very happy with it!
  15. Loved everything about this. Always enjoy your videos, and this one was no different!