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Found a cheap (relatively) 0.5nm torque driver for Magura EBT screws.


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Found these on eBay today, seller only has 2 left now after myself and a mate each bought one, he has 'Make Offer' enabled and accepted offers for just £25 each including postage for the two that we just bought.  

The other solutions I found that would do 0.5nm are upwards of £40 + p&p so worth making an offer on one if you're after one. 

I found the plastic EBT screw felt very mushy when wound into the carbotecture (soft cheese) so it's very hard to know if you've under/over tightened it. 





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1 minute ago, Adam@TartyBikes said:

Handy tool!

Though as an easy guide, as soon as you feel any resistance, stop. The O ring does the sealing on these things.

Thanks, I've had one of my screws in and out a few times and it just felt a bit vague so figure better safe than sorry. 

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Word of warning, if you do buy one of these be aware that although they are adjustable (via a hex inside that's visible once you unscrew the endcap), there is no scale on them so you don't know what you have set it to. Fortunately as I bought mine second hand it was already set and calibrated to 0.4nm which I've tested on my EBT screws and it seems perfect, in fact it would seem that all my screws were probably set to around only 3.0 or 3.5nm as they all nipped up a tiny bit when I used this tool so as they didn't leak before they most definitely shouldn't leak now and they didn't strip either so I'm more than happy having mine set to 0.4nm. 

The only real way to set them is using a torque calibration tool which I imagine is expensive although most people know someone who works in engineering or could find an engineering place nearby so getting it initially set to 0.5nm may not be that much of a problem and once its done its done and as the adjustment is done internally it's unlikely to unset itself without you knowing. 


TL:DR Great tool, but needs setting once initially before use.

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