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Not another (yellow) Hex!


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On 12/5/2021 at 5:53 PM, Adam@TartyBikes said:

Beautiful build! Loving the silver parts and the ti bash :deej:

Cheers Adam, there’s plenty of little touches that I’ve not really captured. Think I’ve single handedly propped up Stan titanium throughout the past year!

Will get some detailed photos when I’ve fitted the last bits and bobs (and lost my sanity with the tubeless set up).

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Fair few changes since I’ve last posted. Bike is now a nice and playful 9.7kg.

I’ve gone full ‘weight weenie’ which is a pretty much losing battle on such a bike, but it really does transform the way it rides. Every single bolt / fitting on the bike is now titanium, the list is extensive but even includes the saddle pivotal bolt, brake olives / fittings and other internals, crank bolts, pedal axles, hub bolts, rotor bolts, calliper bolts, tensioner bolts… literally the lot :ban:


Other updates:


carbon bars

SL spacer (obvs saves 1kg)

New saddle

different seatclamp

Ikon tyres set up tubeless with rimpact in the rear

double spring i9

aluminium rear sprocket 

aluminium lockring 





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I’m sure people are bored of seeing yellow Hex’s at this point but I couldn’t resist the same colour code for a third time. Modified the original plastic saddle so it can sit lower. Just waiting on the rims now




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  • DJEHB changed the title to Not another (yellow) Hex!
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15 hours ago, AdamR28 said:

Fast coming to the conclusion that tanwalls look great on pretty much any bike. Nice!

I have to say I expected them to look far too much against the yellow, but I really dig it.


The mtb is tanned up also!


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