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i9 Hydra axle / end cap help


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Hi TF. Wondering if anyone can help with this puzzle…


My i9 hydras are currently the following configuration:


- Rear, 135 bolt in

- Front, 110 15mm through axle


I want to run them on my new frame and fork which has the following configuration:


- Rear, 135 12mm through axle

- Front 110 20mm through axle 



Hoping someone know what axle / end caps I need to order!

To add to the complexity I have Pro 4s in the correct config, unsure if I can steal the end caps / axles from them?!

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You can use / steal the end caps from the Hope front hub. 

Rear is more tricky... ideally would be new I9 end caps and axle, but it might be possible to convert what you have with the help of a lathe... I'm away for a few days but pop me an email at Tarty and will check when back (Y)

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Posted (edited)

Thank you both.

Adam - I’ll try source the axle + end caps first but will reach out if no luck.


Edit - All sorted. New axle + end caps on the way for both rear hubs. Cheers guys 


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