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Germany - Riding Spots/Clubs/Contacts Near Heilbronn/Stuttgart


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Hi. I have moved to fairly small town in south Germany Heilbronn for work. I took my bike, even though I rarely ride...

Does anyone have any contacts/forums in Germany specifically for trials? Can anyone advise how to find any riding spots near me (indoor/outdoor)? I tried searching for some websites, but it's generally dead and quiet. 

Any help appreciated!

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if you want to ride in Stuttgart, do not hesitate to contact me. We are a small group of riders (4-5 riders). There are basically three big spots around Stuttgart:

  • der "Park" close to Stuttgart Universität (close to the S-Bahn Station Stadtmitte), TGS/Street stuffmedia.media.885704c5-10f5-41c9-ab74-3cf7
  • Stuttgart Universität (S-Bahn Station Vaihingen), mix of TGS, Street and Comp
  • 09-06-2015_10-41-09.jpg
  • Birkenkopf aka Monte Scherbelino, more for Comp trial
  • monte-scherbelino-f4394a0a-575c-47a3-8a5

Unfortunately, I don't know Heilbronn.

You can also post on mtb-news.de, under the trial section.

Hope to ride with you soon!

I think one of my friend mentioned he meets someone from Heilbronn. Can ask him if he has still some contact with him.

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Hey! Thanks for posting. It's good to know there is something to ride around here and that I am not alone. :cheers:

I will PM you in the next few weeks/a month when I am a little bit more settled. In the mean time I will see if there is something simple around here in Heilbronn to ride to refresh my skills. 

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