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Computer Help :( Please?


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Right i have a new DVD but it wont play on my laptop. However when i first put it in it did work to some extent, it read the disc came up however when the main bit played a flashing green screen was there.

now after turning my computer off and back on it doesnt even read the disc at all

- Its brand new disc, no scratches, very clean

- the dvd drive reads every other CD n dvd fine

- It doesnt come up with any errors, simply "no disc in drive"

- wont work in all the players on my computer (latest version of media player, blaze dvd, easy dvd, cliprex dvd)

- it is a Toshiba DVD- rom SD-R2102 drive.

now with my limited knowledge of computers my ideas were, needs updated dvd driver or dvd encoder? but i dont really know exactly what they do or where to get them from. Its probably something completely different though.

any computer experts want to help me out? :blink:

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