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Help With Hope Mini


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I just recieved my front hope mini disc and im just trying to set it up with the shims.

Basically caliper pad on the fork side is a lot closer to the rotor than the pad on the wheel-side. When i put shims between the caliper and fork, this moves the caliper towards the wheel, which is the opposite way to what i want. I have no idea how i get the caliper to move towards the fork as its just bolted onto the disc mounts :blink: . My wheel is correctly in place.

Can anyone help?


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What exactly is disc mount facing? My lbs should be able to do it whatever it is anyway....



disc mount facing squares the disc mount to the dropout using a specially designed tool by hope, which uses an endmil cutter to face

your lbs should be able to do this for you if they are half decent


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'Does the rotor rub on the caliper' I meant to say.

If not, just ride.

It is rubbing (the pad) , but only slightly so ill ride until i can get it faced probably. Or do you mean is it rubbing on the actual caliper?

And its being helicoiled atm to make sure i dont strip any threads...

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I've had it helicoiled and will probably have it faced next week. Another problem i have is that the lever pulls in a hell of a lot, more than any other hopes ive used on my mates bikes. I'm guessing this is because the disk mounts arent aligned properly. Its also rubbing on one of the pads.

I'm using monty x-lite forks so the disc mount is quite hefty.

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