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My "little" Bike


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If this is the way that all the uci frames are heading is there really any need for anyone to say it is copying? People in general ride the low slung long frames now no seat etc..it took for someone to make a frame like that before everyone started to think i was a good idea. This is just the way the industry works, vinco went with the whole high bb thing and now we will probably see lots of offerings like this from many brands, I personally like the idea and think they look very stable on the back wheel etc.. so it seems to be a good idea. On a different note how cold is it there?lol


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looks so weird that it looks good. i think you should change the forks though, they look a bit dodgy and very lame.

LOL at the fact you have to shovel snow off of your riding spot...nice riding though considering the conditions B) >_<

good job (Y)

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That frame isn't any prototype. Here in Poland, we have a local alloy frames welding factory, "Bikepol Mielec", which offers, of course, few serial production models but they also manufacture frames on demand - you send'em specs (geometry, tubing, number of CNC's, color etc.) and they make the frame for you. Yes, it's much cheaper than top biketrials brands :]

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