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  1. For me during my time the king of drops, gaps and side hops was Craig lee Scott
  2. Did a quick search but didn't find anything. I've been out of trials for about 2/3 years now. As you can can probably tell from my account. BUT any one know if Clive is still building the 609? I'd love to own one again, and regret selling my old beast!
  3. I have a pimple on my arse that hurts when i sit on it, it gets me down. It makes me never want to leave my room or turn the lights on. Also induces self mutilation.
  4. Clive. f**king. Rules. End Of
  5. Heres one for aust.
  6. Leeson 609 to be honest
  7. You know its Love when... Dont have to bother showering for over a week and she still wants to sleep with you.
  8. Thats super sex, would be cool for a higher res for a wall paper Think he has bent his forks too
  9. Might come, Might not. Depends if jay and philly forgive me for not riding for the last two or three weeks ;)"
  10. Didnt think you could still get 56k :P , in some cases BB is cheaper then 56k ever was.
  11. No its a Typo, I see you were on that course at some point though
  12. Working with DB for some thing or another?
  13. Meh, Shit Happens
  14. It has been posted befor, its pretty cool to be honest. I want one of the kits :">
  15. oh my god that rules, get the mega edition and install the Mini classic player or what ever its called. It plays EVERY thing