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Video Download Problem


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Every time I download a video, I'l go to open it and a dialog box will appear saying...

''Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The Player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file.''

Then it gives me the usual 'close' and 'more information' tabs.

Its happening with every video Ive downloaded so as you can imagine its getting quite annoying (especially because Im only on dial-up and it takes hours to donwload full vids) A few people i've asked told me to get the latest version of media player, which I have now, and it hasnt made any change, so is there any way of sorting it?

Sorry if this is a stupidly simple thing to fix, but as you might gather Im not too great with the ol' magic boxes here.

Cheers, :)


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Try a different media player like div-x, real player, esc

or try and download the codec if it gives you a link to get one when you try and play the vid  :)

sam  :S

Right, Il have a go at that then, where abouts can I get real player from then?

Thanks, Tom

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Video Format:

I’ve posted this because of all the people complaining saying "please convert it to mpg as I can't play avi's" Well you can you just need to do what the rest of us have done.......

Update you windows media player to the latest version here


The download the kazaa lite codec pack


And as if by magic all your Avi's and Mpeg's should work fine.

That might help.

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