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Magura Louise 02


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HI guys, does anyone have any idea if i can lenghten the hose on my louise disc brake as it is too short.

Ive know you can use olives to shorten the hose and lengthen HS-33's.

the connection at the calliper looks like this.

can it be re used? and do i just have to buy more magura hose??


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if you pop the hose off youll probly be able to see if its an olive (i would have thought so) and fix accordingly


I think the hose olive is at the top part (lever area) where the hose can be cut.

The problem is that i'm switching my brake to a bike that requires the hose to be longer (so that it fits on the handlebar).

At the bottom of the hose (the calliper part - in the pic above) the hose looks crimped and im not sure if i can reuse it?? or if i have to buy a new long hose......i'll phone magura in the morning!! :ermm:

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