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What Is The Difference Between These Two Mp3 Playe

pashley pro

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hi there people can someone tell me the difference between these 2 mp3 players i know there only cheap but thats all i want thanks i cant reall see a difference except the colour




thanks for the help :(

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If you quickly flick back and forth between the two pictures one looks slightly different to the other (apart from the colour obviously). May just be the a bad picture but the pink one looks like it has two grey lines going up the side of it while the black one doesn't.

O no scrap that i've just noticed the titles:-

Pocki 5 In 1 USB 128Mb MP3 Player & Data Storage Takes SD Card Nokia Style Purple / White

Pocki 5 In 1 USB 128Mb MP3 Player & Data Storage with SD expansion Memory Slot Nokia Style Black / Silver

Not sure exactly what they mean but theres certainly some sort of difference, that may also explain the grey lines, they may be some sort of port :( .

Hope i've in some way helped (doubt it though :().


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