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Onza 20" Frames


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Will Onza ever bring out there Zoo! Python 04 replica frame, because I would very much like one, going on the fact that onza are cheaper than zoo!

It seems a perfect gap to fill, because they havent released any long wheelbased (and I know its not just wheelbase that counts) mods yet, and thats what I would be looking for in a new frame.

Any information on it would be greatly appreciated.

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The frame above is an '04 Zoo (with Onza head tube and extra gussets), which Pulo offered to Onza to have a look at. Im not sure what's gonna happen with it.

As for a 'long' frame... keep an eye out for a Slinger Signature frame. Wheelbase will be approx 1045.


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its going to get as silly as 26"

next you will see a bloody 1100!!!!!

blimey charlie wots the trials world coming to, in fact lets read whats happening in the "Tandem News" cos thats the next big thing a tandem trials bike...........the stupid lengths people are coming out with. especially ona mod bike


if its what people want then thats fair do's but its getting silly................

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;) if you knew what i knew about a vinco then it would be funny!!!!!!!!

cos i think them vincos are the dogs BOLL*X if you ride a vinco they dont feel long cos of the high b/b..........

you ride an 1100 levelboss and they feel long cos of the b/b not being high enough.


1115 of a vinco when i rode one and then got bak on my 1055 and the vinco felt shorter cos of the cockpit.........

altho when i was on it people would look and think i was a lepricaun on a bike (Y)

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