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Phone Software And Torrent Style Pc Stuff

Olly C

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Howdy Peeps,

Right heres the thing/s...

Firstly looking for some software (free please) for my Nokia 6600 to link and transfer stuff to my PC, now I have a data cable for it and have found a few software programs that are free but currently only have IR/bluetooth support. I was wondering if theres any phone wizz's on here or general know-alls (Y) that know where I can get some software so I can trnasfer pics etc.


I've now not had any kind of downloader (Kazaa, iMesh and the like) for ages to keep my PC as clean and virus free as possible.. but Im desperate to see the new episodes of smallville that have been on in the US and a friend at work says he gets them of BitTorrent linked with TorrentSpy or something? so I'm looking for the best option with the least spyware and crap on there, thats all I'll be needed it for atm.

So if you can help post up on here ;)

Cheers Olly

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Get the nokia pc suite ;) Download it free from the site or get it off the cd that came with your phone :D

I've been on www.nokia.com and had a look around.. I've downloaded the PC Suite but it doesn't look like it has datacable suuport if it does... well I can find it ;)

I have got a 7250i and had the hooked up fine and could transfer stuff, but with the 6600 its a "Symbian Phone" or something and it makes it more complicated (Y)

I may have to see about getting a card reader? So I can just stick stuff on my MMC and then stick that in my phone? Hmm..

I'll have a bosh around the torrent sites..

Cheers so far ;)

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Right, Torrent stuff is sorted ;) Pretty simple really (Y)

The phone stuff on the other hand is PISSING ME OFF! I cant find any program that will do it with the data cable, even trials of full-version programs (Y) Its damned annoying all I wanna do is get pics and stuff to PC and vice versa, maybe some games and themes to etc.

Seems impossible, so if any of you do know for sure dont hold back (Y)

Im going to look into card readers see whats the fron there..


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