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Yo dudes,

Need some help, was playing around with themes and crystalxp trying to make my laptop look cooler. Although some how i've managed to delete the standard xp window styles :) it's left me with just the windows classic one which looks a little stupid with crystalised icons! lol

Help much appreciated


edit to make more sense :)"

Just remembered another problem, I tried d/ling style sets and all seemed to work ok but whenever i clicked apply it would revert back to the classic style :) Any clues?

thanks again

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if im thinking correctly, right click>properties on the bar at the bottom of screen, then settings maybe and clcick xp look? instead of classic look.....im on 98 so i dont know exactly

i tried that but it deleted them for some reason :P anyways fixed it now :D d/led stylexp and loads of stuff from crystalxp.net and from themexp.org and i'm now up one groovy style :D


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