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Bar Change?


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ok well at the moment i have a 100mm stem with about a 10 degree rise teamed up with woodmen bars (bassicly same as koxx). i have been offered some easton ea70s monkety lites with a inch rise. what i want to knwo is the difrences. i mean i like street but also enjoy natural. would this mess any of it up? what about front bumping and gapping? would it have a nicer feel over my woodmens? and if i did go for them do you think my stem i have now will work nicly or a shorter oor lower rise one?


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Personally i would opt for the eastons, because i hate the shape and feel of koxx bars (or woodmans, same). Its really personal preference though. The eastons are definately better for streety stuff, if you feel like a change go for it :o I recently went from brisa bar ans stem to zoo bar ans stem, and the zoos feel much better in my opinion, nice riser shape but still wide.

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