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Preload loads before you take off and try and tuck the back end of the bike underneath you loads so youre backend is almost or is touching the tyre :ermm:

It may help to land on front wheel first if you dont already and try and get quite close to the object before take off aswell :)

Sam :)

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what bike do you ride? do you have a long or a shortish bike?

if you have a short bike try taking off from two wheels to two wheels i found in the past that with a small bike you can really get into throwing it around as yet with a long bike if you go onto the back wheel preload tyre then jump up at the same time you will find you can nearly go to the moon!!!! the tyre compression part is a big part as well as putting the jump in there too. TRA - advice is needed here and CLS & Tunni :) :S a good one to do is watch Tunni's rear wheel when he takes off its as if the tyre is flat and all the height comes from the compression then his sharp snappy pull up on his bars.


ps if you wanna go bigger you have to go longer!.............its a well performed art and it has been proved.............the end :D" :) :P

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