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Kazaa / Ares


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I use Win mx and it connects but alot of the music that comes out today doesnt download but old songs do.  Apparently the police are closing down on the programmes like Win mx and kazaa to stop them being used.

Kazaa works up at uni so I doubt it's that....

Are you running on a proxy, or have you changed any proxy settings in the applications?

Proxies are a pain in the arse to get working with alot of connections, so if you have a proxy try connecting to the net via other means.

I could very well be I know my parents put a lot of spyware removal and new firewalls etc on to get security top notch and they coulda had someone do that as well... I'll look into it cheers guys.

Edit: No we don't run on a proxy... Any more suggestions welcome.

Cheers :S

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