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Rear Hub?

trials norfolk

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im getting a new rear wheel with an echo drilled rim (blue) and i need a hub for under £100 (blue) what do you think would be best? thanks..

You could spend a few dollar more and buy a profile,pure sexiness (Y), Cheapest on wiggle.co.uk

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Persuming it is a mod hub don`t get a chris king they cost a bomb and they are no better than a profile.I can`t really think of a good hub wich is under £100.If you strech your buget a bit more definately get a profile.That means you won`t have to run a front freewheel.You would probably spend quite a bit of money replacing freewheels every so often.You can get a profile hub from www.tartybikes.co.uk.

Hope this helps.




If you are talking about a stock hub then get a hope hub.Strong and reliable.

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For a stock hub below £100 Hope is your only option, there's either the mono or the XC both around £80 and available in blue. They're basically the same except the XC has a disc mount and you'll hear very little against either. They're both significantly better than anything else in their price range.

You'd be lucky to get a usable King even second hand for £100 but if you could up your budget to £150 you should be able to find one, though finding a blue one may take some time. At that price the new Hope Pro II trials to be released in January is also an option but will only be available in black or silver.

Personally i'd go with a Hope Mono, or an XC if you plan to run a disk in the future. I've had no problems with mine as yet and if you do a search on here you'll find some pretty good recommendations.


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