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Side Hop Rail


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me and mates want to make a side hop bar/rail, we want you guys to help us with some ideas. we are making it out off wood by the way. all help will be appreciated cheers to all.

also we do not know what to use as the rail its self?

pictures would be most helpfull

cheers wilky

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How about a garden type bamboo cane thingy for the actual bar? Nice and light so no worries or it hitting/falling on you and it would be cheap/easy to replace. As for how to hold it up jus 2 pieces of wood that are standing up on some sort of stand, an then jus shove nails into them every 5cm or whatever. The nail heads should generally keep the bamboo stick on but when any real force is applied it should be knocked off.

Sounds simple and easy no?


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I made one out of two broom handles for the uprights, just two pieces nailed together as a cross (X) on the bottom to make them stand (weight them down too, makes it more stable)

I then measured (from the floor) and marked every half inch, then I drilled holes in the marks so I could put a nail in which ever I fancied.

I used a small piece of bamboo as the actual bar, but it tended to flex and snap if you landed on it.

You could use tape as said above but I doubt it would last long, or maybe a piece of string with small weights on the end hung over the nails, that would keep it perfectly level. Look around your house, you'll find somthing suitable.

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