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The avid manual contains all the information needed, however some of the stuff isnt explained very well. Here is my attempt to explain it better and also add a few things I do which I think make the task alot easier. I hope it helps.

Step 1 - Installing The Rotor

Installing the rotor is a relatively simple and self explanatory task. The first step is to work out which way the needs to go. If you hold your wheel so the disk mounting holes are facing you, the oblong shaped holes should be diagonally up (like this forward slash /) at the top of the disk. Once you have worked out which way it needs to go insert one of the torx bolts through the hole into the disk into anyone of the holes in the hub and do it up 3 or so turns. Then do the same with the other 5 bolts making sure you only do each one up a few turns. Once they are all in tighten them down until they are little more then finger tight, then tighten up equally by constantly changing which bolt you are tightening until they are all done up to the recommended torque, 6.2 Nm. (with a normal sized torx key doing them up as tight as you reasonably should be fine).

Step 2 – Fitting The Wheel

Insert the wheel into the fork dropouts carefully, watch that new disk!, and do up the skewer as you normally would. Give the wheel a quick spin to check the disk clears everything without any troubles.

Step 3 – Installing The Caliper

The caliper should already be loosely attached to the adapter or mounting bracket. If it is not loosely attached loosen the bolts. Slide the caliper onto the disk and position it so the disk tab on the fork’s holes line up with the adaptor / mounting brackets holes. Do up the bolts to 9-10 Nm. DO NOT ATTACH THE CABLES YET, THE NEXT STEP IS MUCH EASIER IF THEY ARE UNATTACED.

Step 4 – Aligning The Caliper

This is the hardest step in setting up your avid disk brake. It is in the instructions provided with the brake but many people don’t understand / overlook the procedure for aligning the caliper. First turn the red knob until it makes the disk roughly 1/3 of the way across the gap from that knob. Then tighten down the other red knob as hard as possible. The disk should now be positioned slightly closer to the wheel side of the gap, with a rough gap ratio of 1:2 or 1/3 : 2/3. See the avid manual for a diagram. Once this is established tighten up the bolts that attach the caliper to the adaptor / mounting bracket and loosen both of the red knobs as far as they loosen.

Step 5 – Install The Lever / Cable

This is pretty obvious, simply pass the brake wire through the small hole at the top of the caliper and through the rubber boot and down underneath the Allen bolt. Tighten it up as tight as you can without moving the caliper arm. Then use the barrel adjuster on the lever to eliminate any play in the cable before it starts to pull on the caliper.

Step 6 – Adjusting The Caliper

The next step is to first tighten the red knob closest to the wheel as much as possible before it touches the disk. An easy way to do this is to turn it one “click” and then try to spin the wheel, see if any noise can be heard caused by the disk rubbing. Once noise is heard back the knob off one notch. Squeeze the brake lever, if it can be pulled all the way to the bar, or further then how you would like it to engage at, then simply turn the outside red knob a notch or two, then repeat the process.

Step 7 – Break-In

There are many different trains of thought for breaking in an avid disk brake. My recommendation is to ride around for a minute or so with the brake dragging, perform some “endo’s” etc. After a minute completely soak it in water and then repeat. Repeat this process 2-3 times and your avid should be perfect. Enjoy it.

Manual Scans of the "Installation Guidelines":



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I've been on here a long time, I just havn't bothered posting as I havn't found any interesting topics

Ten hours?

I would not say vailation but up to trials dude he has only been on one day but i must say that the beat topic in a long time

The starts are how many posts you have mate, 1 for 1-49 , 2 for 50-100 etc.

Nice helpful topic mate (Y) .

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