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My Front Disc


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Right I bought a front disc off ebay a little while ago (160mm 2005 magura louise, around september) and when i got it it was really powerful and i was completely in love with it. But then it started to fade and lose power after i spilt some stuff on it and now it struggles to lock up when i clamp it really hard with just two fingers. I have tried buying ebc reds for it but they never really seemed to get much bite and now they just slip like the old standard pads did.

Also sometimes the lever feels very squidgy but if i pump the lever a couple of times or elevate the lever and pump it about 3 times it seems to firm up and feel like it did when i first got it.

I have recently ordered a new 180mm rotor and should have the adapter for it coming today in the post. What i need to know is what should i do to prepare the rotor for use? Should i wipe it with anything as it has a couple of finger marks no it.

I've figured it must be something wrong with the rotor seeing as ebc reds are supposed to be brilliant pads so i'm going to be using these pads on my new rotor, so is there anything i need to do to prepare those for use on a clean rotor or will they be fine as they are?

other info that might help: I'm using it on a stock bike that hasn't had the mounts faced on onza fly guy forks, and i don't have a bleed kit because ben and conner broke it!

cheers for reading

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oh i was hoping someone wouldn't say get new pads, thats another £16 doen the drain then. Would it harm my rotor if i just tried the pads on it to see if they work? or is there any way i can make sure their clean? surely, if i file off some material and then burn them and boil them they should be alright shouldn't they?

The only problem with bleeding my disc is that i can't make out what the magura manual wants me to do, i pretty much have a hs33 bleed kit. I just need a new syringe for it, will this kit work or will i need something else seeing as its a fancy disc brake?

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Get a blow tourch to the pads, and wait about 5 mins (till they are fooking red hot!!!) and then stick some water over them, clean the caliper with washing up liquid, and then clean the rotor the same way, give it w good bleed, and ride (Y)

Bed the pads back into the rotor by riding along and trying to do a massive stoppie, when the pads are hot, trow some water over them (Y)

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