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Andwer T says:- ''I NEED SOME HELP!! I want to come to england right after koxx days so I'm asking for help here, if anyone can give me info on what I should do to get back up to england and make my way to london I would appreciate it....anyone have room for me in a car or room for me in their house?!

I'd like to finally film/photograph english riders, it would be great fun for me''

Duno if this will ring your bell or not but hey!!

Dude catch me on msn:- pjalchemist@aol.com or e-mail to that addy too.

I won't be driving at the time as my new car is on order and is taking an age to get er, and i won't be @ Koxx days 06 i think ether but i should be more than able to give you a roof over you head and some fine tucka. I'm in Plymouth England and you could come back to the Uk on the Britnay ferry which comes to Plymouth, 40 mins ride from my gaff. We can talk more if you want privetly and if you drop me you number in on msn or an e-mail and what time diffence you are to the uk i'll give you a buz, i get it all free so don't worry about the bill.

Pete Wright (Y)

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