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Koxx Levelboss Mod


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I got a levelboss frame kit and i used tensile cranks but the chain was rubbing on the frame and had to change the tryall bottom bracket to a shorter one and still was rubbing and tried a few others. Ended getting a handfull of spacers to get a small clearance what a nightmare!!!!!

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Are you sure that:

The cog was screwed on the right way?

The chain was tight?

The correct length (as mattyboy said) ie a longer works?

If they're all yes then I can't see how or why you have a problem as there are many people on this forum with LB mod's + tensiles who dont have problems :S

Can you post a picture or be more specific as to where the chain is rubbing? might be more useful :)

thanks :D

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the chain was rubbing just above the rear axel at the chain stay welds on the inside of the frame. it also could be the onza hub that i used. it was a 122 tryall bb that came fitted on the frame kit

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