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New Frame (swap From Onza T-bird)


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Hey, I am getting a new frame next week and at the moment i have an onza t bird. Everything is standard on my onza apart from:

Handle bars- Koxx (blue ones)

Pedals- Gusset (bear trap style)

Front and back rims- Koxx (blue ones)

Front hub- Surly

Please can someone tell me weather or not i can put all the parts from my onza t-bird to my zona zip. I understand that i need a new headset and im on a very tight budget so what is the cheapest o.k headset?

Many thans Rorz. (Y)

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AAAAAAAAh, sorry, yeah - I didn't realise the new T-Birds had the internal headset. Unfortunately then you will need a new one. FSA Pigs retail for around £10-15 or so, and they last for approx. forever, so you should be made, really.

If you're running a rear freewheel you *may* have clearance problems with the chainstay plate, but I'm not 100% about that...

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thanks dude i already know about it there is no point in me getting that because it cost like £40 more nd i onli wnt a cheap headset so you know lol cheerz any way

Can i ask where you are getting you're zone from, if it is not second hand? because i am thinking of getting one in a few weeks and was also thinking of getting a new headset but as cheap as possible and if the zone you're looking at is about £40 cheaper than the one at tarty bikes and the headset that someone else said before for £10-£15 or so would bring it to £170 total, then it would be £30 cheaper than the one at tarty bikes.

Thanks skye_trials

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