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Just A Couple Of Quick Questions About Brakes.


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I just have a couple of quick questions:

Firstly, I am going to buy a 185mm front Avid Ball Bearing 7 Mechanical Disc Brake. I just went down to the bottom of the page to order it, and I noticed that it says 'IS Mount' after each of the other sizes but not the 185mm. What does this actually mean? Does it matter? :ermm:

Secondly, I need to buy a new Magura HS33. I was just looking through the list on CRC, and saw that there were two different types! Which one do I buy for my Monty? The Magura HS33 Single Brake or the Magura HS33 Evo II Single Brake? :huh: Thanks, any help will be much appreciated! (Y)(Y)(Y)

Thanks a lot,

Sam :)

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As for your first question , "I.S" stands for International Standard , so will fit most forks , except some suspension forks by Manitou , which no one uses for trials , anyway .

Wow, that was a quick reply, thanks.

Does that mean that the 185mm may not fit onto my forks then?



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I think any size disc should fit , although I don't know what forks you run . I.S fitting simply means that the caliper sits in the normal place / position , and doesn't dictate disc size . Can't help you with the HS33 question , though , other than to say good choice .

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In response to the second question the HS33 Evo II brake looks to me like the 2005 version and the other one just looks like the older style. Its up to you really but alot of people prefer the older ones to the newer ones. By the way withthey both come with new mounts and they run on vee brake mounts so you want either vee brake adaptors( http://www.heatsinkbikes.com/?p=veeadapters or http://www.bikedock.com/posit/shop/index.p...gory=20&group=1 (£7.99)) or you want 4 bolt clamps( http://tartybikes.co.uk/products.php?product=brake_spares (first two)).

Hope this helps and its not too confusing :huh: .


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