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Vee Brake Pad Holders


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Hi guys,

Does anyone know where I could get CHEAP Vee pad holders (bad description)

Only i was thinking about making my own pads. :)

Any suggestions on possible material for vee brake pads? Quite soft material please, And a place I could get it from ? :)

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heatsink make alloy backings, but they arent exactly cheap, re-useable however....

i used some old rim wrangler backings and made rimjam rubber fit in, these lasted a good few months and offered crazy and reliable braking :) im still yet to make some more cos im lazy :P

you could try making your own backings, alot of hassle though

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I'll be making the Vee backings on their own available at a cheaper price - Just need to add this to the website for you with prices etc (Y)

The latest design (Dec 2005) has been tweaked so that the recess gives a snugger fit then ever will all Magura pads from plastic backings. It should be possible to use superglue to retain the pads since they will already be tight and the longer ones (For some pads the top of the recess is 47mm long, some 48mm) need to have 1mm shaved off because naturally the backings are designed to accomodate the smallest first.


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