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Free Wheels Hub For Mods

Guest gapking

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Guest gapking

montiert_500.jpgwell every body hates them so lets post whioch are good which are bad

dicta dont go there i mean this there deadly

shimano ..........

acs one of the best but can still brake ive had mine on for 4 weeks and its just nearly dead

white industries The ENO sealed cartridge freewheel designed for Single Speed and BMX riders is now available! This could be the perfect freewheel for Bike Trial riders too!

Addressing the problems that have plagued Single Speed/BMX users became the focus in developing these new freewheels. Bearing problems, tooth configurations and engagement problems were issues that White Industries concentrated on in developing the ENO.

The freewheel was designed around the sealed cartridge bearing. The bearing is a press fit bearing so when it does wear the rider simply pulls out the old bearing and presses in the new.

Good and save Freewheel engagement is a important point. You need quick engagement that doesn't slip. White Industries ratcheting mechanism has 36 teeth in which four pawls engage. Another leading brand has 20 teeth and two pawls .. you do the math!

The freewheels are availlable in sizes 17t-23t in one tooth increments.

The weight is very low too at only 173 grams for the stainless steel version and 113 grams for the titanium version!

profile hubs ..............

ones with.............. next two please add your info as i have none

so far its all i have any info will be greatly apricitaed

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Dictas aren't too bad really. It's just that they feel Poo. On the back, they're great. They last for ages, and they don't feel too bad.

Shimanos on the back for some reason just feel a bit nicer than the Dichta. They're a bit stronger, so you don't get the standard Dichta-style spongy sort of feeling with them, even though they only have 16 engagement points. I dunno, it felt like more to me. Anyway, lasted me over a year and a half, so can't complain. Even then the internals just shredded pedalling out of my garage!!!

ACS Claws are the Poo, really. You could go for a White Industries freewheel, but F**k paying £80 for what is basically a very expendable part of the bike. I don't really think that on the front it's going to last £70-worth longer than an ACS (if you get me...), and Poo, you could buy 8 ACS Claws for that much, so why bother really? On the back they'd probably last a whole trials career, but there we go.


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I currently have a dicta brand front freewheel on my 2001 onza t-mag mod, a while back after tensioning the chain too much the dicta freewheel has never been the same, it doesn't sound too healthy so before it causes me some injury I want to upgradde to an ACS CLAW freewheel, however im not really sure if the ACS claw will fit, has anyone used an ACS claw on an onza mod, at the front, with its original BB, will I need a longer BB axle to be able to run an ACS claw?

any info would help,. thanks.

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ACS Claws are pretty cool. You'll need to whip off the front plate using a pin tool/hammer+screwdriver, threadlok the threads and then slap the minx back on. You probably won't need to regrease it. Anyway, you might have to grind down the remover tabs on the outer plate because they stick out as opposed to being internal a la the Dicta. This sucks ass because it's just fiddly, and I've gotta do it now too even THOUGH I bought a new BB*.

Good freewheels when they stick on right :-


*But I got a 73x127.5 instead of a 68x127.5 which I needed.

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I want to get 1 of the white industries ENO freewheels I know u can get them on bike dock for 70 quid is there any other places to get them for cheeper or will it be better gettin 1 shipped over from another country my mate from korea I think it was there he got 1 from there and it worked out he payed 30quid for it

help needed :-

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