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Newby To Start Riding

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have been following the sport for a good year and a bit now and have taken an interest in possibly starting up next year but am in need of some advice bike wise....

what kinda bike would be easiest to start on having not done any trials full stop? size etc...

what prices am i looking at for buying a bike?

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welcome to the trials scene :)

a mod bike (20 and 19 inch wheeled bikes) apparently are easyest to start of on ,as there flicable and small and used more often than not for natural riding (rocks,roots and other stuff similar to these).

whereas stocks (26 inch wheeled )bikes are larger but have a greater potential upgrade spectrum as you could pick components from other mountion bike diserplins for your bike .

have a look at tartybikes.co.uk at there bikes ,great range and great prices (Y)

hope this was of some help,steve

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